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Fast Delivery (2020-10-06)
Nice, real nice

Isenhart - US
Lovely heavy weight wool (2020-07-24)
Lovely heavy weight wool socks. These were quite dirty as described. Triple washed in cold water with wool restore/lanolin.

Should be great in colder months.

Ian - Louisiana
Excellent original item (2020-04-07)
In need of a very good wash - recommend washing in cold water with a mild detergent due to being 100% wool and years of storage.

Micallef - MT
Excellent original item. (2020-03-25)
Just ensure you give them a good wash before wearing due to years of storage.

Micallef - MT
Great item (2020-03-20)
I ordered three pair. I found they run quite large. I wear a size ten shoe. Before hot water washing and a hot dryer these probably fit someone with at least a size 12. After laundering they do shink up some, and you'll want to do this anyway to get the odor out of them, big they're still a little loose. One of the three pair I got had some mouse or moth chews, but Jerry replaced them immediately. All in all these are exceptionally nice heavy wool socks. Just the sort of thing one needs up here in northern Vermont.

Covais - US