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Great choice but one issue (2024-02-03)
They are great lightweight pants the pattern is perfect they are adjustable and true to size but the fact that they are lightweight is both a great and terrible thing. When I was adjusting the left leg string it tore a little bit which is giving me durability concerns but the amazing shipping made up for it. I purchased the cheapest shipping and they still shipped it with FedEx express. This wasn’t my first purchase from wpg and it certainly won’t be my last

Bradley - Florida
Excellent (2023-12-28)
Excellent copy now i can add pouches

simpson - UK
Mushly (2023-09-25)
These trousers are "lightweight" being made of the same material as the GS shirt - dries quickly. Tight around the thighs, probably too tight for rugger players, but unlikely to catch in the bush. Two inches shorter than the Combat trousers, so I removed the draw cords & lengthened them. Washed in cold water and minimal shrinkage.

Barlow - LA
top notch pants and service (2023-03-16)
Pants are lightweight and durable. Ordered the wrong size at first and WPG couldn't have been more helpful or on point throughout the process. Will be ordering more RB items in the future, thank you!

Austin - Texas
Fantastic (2023-01-31)
Great pants, a little long but that doesn't matter. I look forward to using them for an upcoming hunt. Brush stroke is as perfect for the Australian bush as it was in Rhodesia.

Smith - AU
Most comfortable! (2023-01-04)
I’m a big fan of all different types of “tropical combat trousers”. If you’ve ever worn British Tropical/Desert DPM, you know what I mean. Well, these pants are in the same genre; they’re lightweight, very comfortable and feature the iconic Rhodesian Brushstroke Camouflage. They would work well for hiking on a hot day or wearing them around the house like pajamas. I can’t recommend them enough!

Daniel E - US
Excellent, again WPG comes thru (2022-12-12)
Pants are great! I wear waist 35" in regular blue jeans so I measured myself and ordered "38" - perfect! Nice soft fabric in excellent brushstroke camo. I noticed the button attachments are looser thread so I took a needle and strong cotton thread and added extra attachment.

Rhodesian camo trousers (2022-07-23)
These trousers are well made and are are of an unique pattern Rhodesian camo.
WPG are excellent to deal with and my order were dispatched a from the US and delivered to Wales, UK in a timely and prompt manner.
I will definitely be purchasing items from WPG again in the future.

Davies - UK
Fantastic! (2022-07-12)
I tried these on and immediately loved the quality and fit. They're extremely comfortable and fit true to size/measurement. I wear a size 30/31/32 in jeans and a 32 was a perfect fit. I wouldn't say "go up a size" as a rule, but if your jean size is snug, you'll want the next size up for these.

Nick - California/USA
small size (2022-06-05)
I am a collector of Rhodesia army. I'm glad that the small size is hard to get! I want 28 in for other pants too lol

Great Quality (2022-05-25)
Very well made, I am extremely happy with my pants. Fallow the sites directions and they will fit great.

Clayton - US
Outstanding trousers (2022-05-22)
The material is light for hot climates and quick drying from rain or stream crossings. The camouflage pattern is spot-on. The fit was excellent when ordering true waist size versus commercial sizes. Delivery was surprisingly fast. Lack of back pockets is not a problem for real field soldiers. Only recommendation for improvement would be use of "rip-stop" material.

Schweinhund - US
Rhodesian SAS Pants (2022-04-30)
I just got a pair of these in today in size 36. I'm really a 33-34. 73in tall, 190lbs, athletic build. Definitely go up a size or two. Post wash in cold water and tumble dried low, the waist shrank minimally and the thigh and seat of the pants tightened up some and slightly reduced the comfortable range of motion while kneeling. Overall these just need more room in the thighs and they'd be perfect.

Jon - Texas, United States
Comfortable (2021-11-05)
The strings for tightening it up are good. It came a bit long but at the bottom of the leg there are strings to tighten it so that saves the legs from getting under the soles of my shoes. They’re airy and comfortable and breath well. Very nice for summer. They don’t itch or anything and the camo pattern is as good as Rhodesian Brushstroke gets, very.

Tennett - UK
Another excellent WPG product! (2017-05-01)
Well- sewn, lightweight, perfect for summer.

Hall - US
Great Trousers (2021-07-23)
These are great pieces of kit. Measuring the waist works, but for fieldwork, you need to buy one size larger for a comfortable loose fit.

Andrew Nicholls - AU
Again, very fast delivery (2021-06-27)
Love the trousers. Good on ya Jerry.

Simmons - US
They came in a week (2021-06-19)
Closest pattern to the ones I wore in the 1980's. They had my size because I cannot fit in to my originals any more. This is my second pair. Only one person at my work knew what they were. I will order more when these wear out.

Bernazani - US
What a deal (2021-06-18)
Perfect for the summer, good fit, authentic pattern.

Horke - DE
fast delivery (2021-06-02)
Nice light weight pants. I will order another pair. They were a little too long so I took them to a tailor and had the length shortened.

Bernazani - US
Just what I expected (2021-06-02)
I have been looking for Rhodesian camo for a few years now. I finally found it with WPG. I need large sizes. Cannot fit into my 1970 camo anymore. I got too big over the years. Thank you.

Bernazani - US
Awesome (2021-06-01)
Great pattern, nice pants- robust but lightweight.

Hughes - US
Top notch (2021-05-31)
Great quality, great fit, very comfortable, looking forward to putting these to use this hunting season.

Dominick - US
Great company (2021-05-29)
These Rhodesian items are definitely European; they're built for skinny people, and have odd cuts/buttons in odd places but they're authentic and really thick and durable. The customer service actually answers the phones & emails and that's VERY rare nowadays. Would definitely buy from again in the future.

Osborne - US
skinny jean vibes (2021-05-13)
The colors are true and the fabric is comfortable. I got size 34 based on my waist. The waist fits great but is a little tight on the butt and thighs (my wife loves it). My only complaint is with the stitching on the buttons. During the first wash a button fell off of the crotch closure. After a quick sew job the pants were good as new.

nate - US
Another quality product (2021-04-22)
WPG customer service is also topnotch. I had to do an exchange (totally my fault) and the replacement trousers were delivered very quickly.

Hall - US
SAS pants (2021-04-01)
I love these pants! Very light weight and old school for sure! You can’t go wrong with these!

Brown - US
Very fast delivery (2021-02-04)
Nice pattern, and color. The material is a very comfortable fabric.

Baker - US
Takes me back (2021-02-02)
I lived in Rhodesia until 1981, and having these pants really makes me nostalgic. I was just too young to get called up, but pretty much all my schoolmates did. Thanks for the superb repros, guys.

Andrew - United Kingdom
GREAT! (2021-01-16)
I am really digging these pants, they are also pretty comfortable in my opinion and fit me well. I think I will purchase another!

Erik Haj - US
Great (2020-12-31)
Measured my waist. Ordered that size. Pants fit perfectly.
Color is great.
I like the lightweight fabric.
I'm 6 foot 2 and the inseam is great for me.
I will buy more.

Thomas - US
Good communication and speedy refund. (2020-12-28)
After searching they didn’t have the size I ordered, so they communicated this and offer a different size or refund. The refund came very quickly.

hughes - US
Brilliant trousers for actual summer use. (2020-12-27)
Never mind the now-perfect Rhodesian camouflage pattern that I bought them for, these will be great all-round summer trousers for hiking and so forth. Brilliant idea to make the lightweight version.

Dickinson - FR
True color (2020-12-12)
Excellent fit, true color, functional

Bohner - US
SAS Lightweight Trousers (2020-12-07)
Very true to the original. WPG's items continue to be the best reproductions available. Well done!!

Cameron - United States
SAS Lightweight Trousers (2020-12-07)
Very true to the original. WPG's items continue to be the best reproductions available. Well done!!

Cameron - United States
Excellent (2020-11-25)
Received with thanks guys item fits perfectly. Delivery was fast! Much appreciated.

carroll - IE
Outstanding (2020-11-16)
Ordered one size up and they fit great. Excellent construction, great pattern, well made. Lighter fabric than the standard trousers, but much better in the heat.

Armbruster - US
Perfect (2020-11-12)
This is my second order from WPG. The pants are great. Lightweight and true to size.

Good delivery time (2020-11-08)
Great trousers, good waist fit though very long in the leg. Pleased with these.

Crawford  - UK
Nice pants, quality construction (2020-10-30)
Ordered size 34 first, had them a little modified as they were very form fitting (I'm not exactly size 34). Ended up ordering size 36. I will use the size 34 pants as extra cloth to modify the size 36 with more pockets and other mods. There was a small QC overlook on the second pair, one of the leg pockets did not have the button hole cut/stitched in the flap. Outside of this, the quality of both pairs of pants are very good.

Johnson - US
Comfortable Right Out of the Package (2020-10-19)
Didn't even have to wash these trousers to be able to wear right away. Fit well- way better than early FFV from a couple of years ago. Everything looks very professional and should last. Also thanks for helping me track down the shipment and break loose the 'log jam'.

Amazing item and fast delivery (2020-10-17)
The Rhodesian Camo SAS Lightweight Trousers were an amazing item to have obtained for the price they are being sold at. They arrived in very fast time.

Walkowski - US
Rhodesian Camo (2020-10-12)
Once again you guys have been great well done.

Musadiq Kashmiri - UK
amazing as always (2020-10-10)
again another great order from the guys at WPG great price fast post if you need your kit this is the place to get it from trust me it's well made this is my second order for the canoeist smock and lightweight trousers thankyou guys

Simpson - UK
Wonderful (2020-10-05)
Simply wondeful !

walter - Italy
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