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Love this jacket (2022-10-14)
I received my jacket sooner than expected, shipping was quite fast.

The jacket itself is REALLY good. I wore it outside in 60 - 48 F ( 15.5 - 9 C) and it kept me quite warm, and even on a very windy day it kept the wind out really nicely.

The pockets are very large, I could easily fit my wallet into the top pockets with no fear of it falling out or poking out the top.

My cell phone easily fit into the bottom pockets. I can't emphasize how roomy the pockets are, and how much I appreciate that.

It looks fantastic. I actually took some photos from ~15 yards, and was pleasantly surprised at how well I blended in. It has a nice "heavy" feel - this is thick material. I would not wear it above 68 or so. But that is the time for a shirt, not a jacket :)

A really good jacket for outside adventures, hiking, camping, etc. Mine will see lots of use.

Collins - US
Very god looking, classy... (2021-09-29)
Ordered one... Very fast shipping... I love this jacket.. It looks great, very "gentle", could be worn anywhere, it's very stylish, still in Rhodesian bush stroke camp colors... Very nice piece...

Victor - Geneva Switzerland
Safari Jacket (2021-07-15)
Nice and BIG, lotz of room in the arms, which is what I like,I look really cool in my new safari jacket.BOBSYOURUNCLE, CHEERS

Byrnes - US
Great jacket (2021-04-15)
Fits great, looks great,wears well!

Isenhart - G
True to size (2021-03-16)
These jackets run true to size. Order with confidence in your normal suit jacket size. Quality and look is great.

David - TX, USA
Outstanding quality (2021-01-26)
I've been looking for proper reproduction Rhodesian camo for decades. I could not be happier with the kit I bought. It's not exactly the same as the originals, but so close it doesn't matter. Thanks a lot, guys!

Andrew - United Kingdom
Just what I wanted! (2020-12-27)
I love these Officers bush jackets and this is now my 5th from WPG over the years, and the first in Rhodesian camouflage. Talk about happy... When Jerry said on Facebook that he was thinking of making these, I answered, "Count me in!" I'm glad I did. These jackets may be slightly on the short side if you're over 5'11 - I'm borderline - so I'm going to encourage Jerry to make a longer version, as with the KD and JG ones.

Dickinson - FR
comfortable and well-made (2020-12-13)
i'm not gonna lie, i have my fair share of arm and shoulder muscles and i have a low tolerance for jackets that dont give me enough room. this jacket gave plenty of room. normally i buy a size too big anyway because i think the summer heat is more tolerable when you wear things that give you some room...but this often means the arms will be way too long. not so with this jacket. ive been living in the US for 30 years nows, and one thing about the americans, they do like to be comfortable. i could make the transition from a roomy 1990s BDU shirt to this WPG safari jacket no problem. note: i washed it six times in cold water (hang dried) to break it in because it's made of very tough did not seem like it shrank, although maybe it did a tiny tiny bit

jacobus - illinois US
VG+ and fast delivery (2020-12-05)
This jacket is well worth the price and is actually better than the originals were. I removed the belt loops to make it 'more authentic. Great value for money. I use it for a warm weather motorcycle jacket. I am ex Rhodesian Army.

Borg - AU
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