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Great sheath (2023-01-23)
Iv owned two of these sheaths, One is on my original MK2 knife and the other is on the MK2 i carried over seas. So its not the top of the line oil tanned leather sheath were used to. But with a little oil they take on a great dark brown color.
these sheaths are 100% Serviceable and they hold up just as well as any other.
For the price and the attention to detail you can't beat it.
weather its for reenacting or your personal knife, it is well worth it.

Erik - Florida
Perfect Replacement (2022-11-28)
This is my second one of these sheaths. Made just like the originals. Takes on a great color with a few oilings and fkts the original knife perfectly. Just snug enough to not fall out when inverted.

Klink - US
True to form (2021-08-16)
Fits my Ka-Bar mkII USN original like a glove. My 1980’s Camillus was a little tighter. Stretching out nicely, and will pick up patina with use. Identical to my original sheath that the mkII has lived in. Very happy. These old fighting knives are great in the garden, by the way.

Lamb - US
good as always (2021-03-09)
Sheath leather could have been better, but WPG is always good value for money.

Imme - NL
Pefect (2020-11-24)
Very swift delivery. The sheath just like any raw leather will need to be oiled and worked to make supple as sitting in storage dries them out.its a perfect match for my camillus ka-bar. The snap fastener strap needs oiling and stretching to fit but once done around the knife the leather soon adjusts.

Harte - UK
Up to WPG usual par (2020-09-18)
The leather that WPG use is always good so I had no reservations about getting one of these to authentically display A USMC type knife. It comes a darkish natural leather colour and accepts colourants very well indeed. Strong and simple. Worth the outlay which, as ever, is less than you might expect.

Parker - GB
High quality and durable (2020-09-17)
Good reproduction, fast shipping, looks great when oiled!

Calvin - NL
KBar sheath (2020-06-12)
Great reproduction of the original KBar sheath
had to wet it some so the knife would fit.
Great one though perfect in every detail.
Went over it with some knees foot oil it
turned out great.

Langston - US
Very Fast (2020-05-01)
The sheath came extraordinarily quickly. Looking at photos of the genuine article, it seems to be correct in just about every way. Takes staining fairly well. I’m quite pleased.

Yang - US
Nice (2020-03-05)
Good repro that takes oil and dye well. Nice and pliable

service as usual - Excellent (2019-07-15)
If staples were rivets would be a "5"

willko - US
Fast & superb original sheath (2018-02-25)
The WWII-era sheath is obviously 'mass-produced'(cheap metal staples + stitching instead of rivets + stitching). However, the leather is authentic, non-dyed/waxed leather. Use good quality tan dye + polish, and you'll have the real McCoy. The knives themselves are easier to procure.

Morrison - PL
KA BAR sheath (2017-11-29)
For the price you can't beat it. mine came natural so ready for aging. Fits my Issue camillus I got back in 2000

Erik - FL
Just what you need (2016-01-21)
That's exactly what I needed. It's rather hard to get Ka-Bar sheath without EGA in Poland, I don't really know why. Anyway, another satisfying purchase from WPG.

Górecki - PL
US Kabar Knife Sheath (2015-11-17)
Item still much more better than pictured and described. Easy to deal with. Thank you A+A+A+A+

Migual Carrillo Diaz - ES
USMC Kabar Knife Sheath (2015-09-14)
Just what I expected. Great job. Fits well.

Huelle - US
Re your bra strap d (2015-06-26)
Re your bra strap doing a daring epacse any tailor can put lingerie loops into the shoulder seams of dresses and tops. Mine charges $5 for this and it is well worth it as you dont need to worry your bra straps will show. If you sew, its easy to do yourself.

Xiriz - 89ipIxxUZn4N
5 (2015-04-17)
Excellent reproduction. Quality leather. Very pleased with item. Very fast delivery.

Lanier - US
Excellent (2015-03-11)
Great item fits my original KaBar perfectly, just needs to be darkened with some leather oil otherwise beautiful!

Leonardo - California
Too big (2015-01-26)
The strap on the scabbard is much to long on the one I received (from the UAE). Also when it was delivered (although quickly) it was covered with some white stuff that looked like dried on toothpaste. I have received this product in the past, and was pleased,... but not with this one.

John - USA
mk2 sheath (2014-09-02)
Very pleased with sheath, rapid delivery, many thanks.

westerman - GB
OK (2014-06-03)
Wow, fast shipping. A great item.

kaBar Sheath (2014-05-25)
Great repro,fits my KaBar perfect if you are thinking of replacing your worn out Sheath then this is it. You wont be sorry..Thanks Jerry, lovely piece of kit for my ww2 GI collection.

Chapman - GB
Great item! (2014-05-01)
Quick shipment of this reasonably priced item. It is a good repro of the original thing from all that I know. Thanks!

Sargent - US
Mr. (2014-10-04)
Really nice repro...great price and quick reasonable shipping!

Abood - US
Great repro k bar sheath (2014-04-09)
I recieved my sheath I like 3 days!!!!! Great piece fits like a glove. Thanks for the service. Denny

Kanyuh - US
USMC Leather Sheath (2014-03-16)
A great reproduction. I ordered two of these, both were exactly the same. The top strap is long enough to fit both of my KaBars. The leather on this sheath is very nice. There was some white protective waxey material covering each of the sheaths which took some time to remove. My overall reaction to these leather sheaths are Very Very Nice. Also, the shipping was in three days from the time I placed the order. They were shipped from UAE to the USA and delivered in 3 days. Impressive. The US Customs inspected this order and ended up destroying the original packaging and the sheaths had to be repackaged. Even with that, 3 days from my order to it delivered to my door.
I am happy with this purchase.

culver - US
Good (2013-07-08)
please don''t call my beloved Eagle Globe and Anchor "annoying" many men have died for that symbol

Chris - Delaware
Good Sheath (2013-03-06)
2 day delivery. Good reproduction, would buy again. I would recommend some dark leather dye, or maybe some leather conditioner.

Fisherman - US
Archaeologist (2012-12-27)
Excellent item. Fast delivery.

Brown - US
Kabar Sheath (2012-11-21)
Great shipping, great product, fits the knife I needed it for like a glove.

McIlroy - CA
Kabar Knife Sheath (2012-11-21)
I put this item on my U.S.M.C. M1923 Cartridge belt (original) and reproduction U.S.M.C. M1936 pistol belt. Both fit perfectly. I don't see where the loop is too short. Incidentally, I previously posted my Guadalcanal (1942), Tarawa (1943), Saipan (1944), and Inchon (1950) impressions on the U.S. Militaria Forum. The Moderator caught the embossing on the Kabar Sheath. That is why your item is so essential. All original WWII Kabar sheaths are gone .... rotted away in some Godforsaken jungle hell. Thanks again, Jerry, for being so considerate of the collector/reenactor community. What would we do without you?

Speer - US
US Kabar Knife Sheath (2012-07-22)
Fast shipping ,and a very nice repo. Thanks

Garza - US
US Kabar Knife Sheath (2012-06-16)
Very quick delivery to Austria, a perfectly fitting repro. Highly recommended!

Stuckey - AT
my recent order (2012-05-04)
I found this sheath most satisfactory for my needs

Daniel - US
USMC K-BAR Sheath (2012-03-06)
Very good transaction as to price and delivery.
The securing strap on the USMC KABAR sheath is unfortunately set too low and a bit short to go around the fat part of the knife handle. Otherwise,very nicely made.

Wolf - US
Customer (2012-02-06)
Excellent product, just what I wanted. Fast service, AAA.

Callahan - US
Mr (2011-12-26)
Great job

Hewson - US
KaBar Sheath (2011-12-08)
Great Repro, Fits my Original KaBar perfectly, delivery was only 5 days. Top marks WPG.

Pete - NZ
KA-BAR Sheath (2011-12-05)
Great item. My Ka-bar fits perfectley. Very nice sheath. Securing clasp fits over the hilt without a problem. WPG have done it again with yet another great product.

Peter - NZ
collector (2011-11-10)
Item as described,quick delivery.

Pituch - US
USMC KaBar sheath (2011-07-03)
Great reproduction of the sheath. Can't imagine it being any better.

Clark - US
Ka-Bar Sheath (2011-03-22)
Outstanding item. My Ka-bar fits like a glove. Very nice sheath.

Michael - Louisiana
Kbar sheath (2011-02-28)
The sheath is great in color, you don't need to use neatsfoot on it to get it brown. The only problem is the securing clasp that I had to oil heavily to stretch enough to snap over the hilt of an original 1940's kbar. Other than that great stuff as usual.

Josh - US
Kabar Sheath (2010-12-28)
Outstanding! No disappointments with this sheath! Great price, too!

manicchia - US
USMC WWII sheath (2010-11-27)
Super fast delivery to France (3 days only!), very good repro. many thanks

K bar sheath (2010-10-26)
Quick delivery, Very good reproduction. Many Thanks.

Holder - GB
USMC (2010-07-11)
Great Reproduction of this rare item, keep up the good work.

Gurman - GB
US Kabar Knife Sheath (2010-05-21)
Nice repro of the USMC WWII sheath. A little leather conditioner and it already looks aged.

Doolittle - US
5 days order to delivery inc weekend! (2010-03-30)
As usual very good piece of kit and arrived less than a week from ordering. Coming all the way from California very impressive for the postage cost. I recommend your site to anybody who ask me were to get WW2-re-enactors kit from!

Waller - GB
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