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Rhodesian P69 web belt (2021-11-29)
exactly like the one I was issued with.

William - Queensland, Australia
Well Done (2021-10-12)
This is the second belt I ordered for trouser belt or walking out. First one is with all my belt kit.

Armbruster - US
Nice speedy delivery even during covid (2021-09-26)
Nice quality item, well pleased

Tuckey - NZ
Everything (2021-08-22)
Ordered a load of Rhodesian gear and was amazed at the quality and how fast the turn around was, from thr order to delivery.

Fairs - UK
Excellent Quality (2021-05-23)
I got mine before the Yoke was even in production! Love it even more now that I gave the whole set! 10/10 would recommend

Thacker - United States
Epic (2021-05-20)
Great for webbing .high quality materials and finish.

Andrews - UK
perfect! (2021-05-18)
perfect piece of recreation, I had a problem, and they solved it quickly and without added cost. great customer service

Cuesta - ES
Excellent Reproduction (2021-04-23)
Very authentic and functional

Don Brown - US
very original in all details (2021-04-23)
Fast delivery and very authentic

Don Brown - US
Very fast delivery (2021-02-04)
Soild belt, I really like the system of adjustment on these compared to other belts of the era.

Baker - US
Everything as Expected (2021-01-14)
Another winner. Now just need the braces to go with it, hint hint.

Shiell - US
excellent (2020-12-30)
excellent copy of the p69 belt great fit

Simpson - UK
Outstanding (2020-11-16)
Ordered the long version, wear a 38 waist normally. Plenty of length to go bigger if needed. Thick webbing, heavy duty hardware. Impressive.

Armbruster - US