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Tout est parfait (2021-08-19)
Merci! tout s'est bien passé! Je suis enchanté de la qualité de mon short et je pense en racheter d'autres!
A bientôt donc.

Pareja - FR
Rhodesian Arid Pattern Shorts (2021-03-30)
I am very pleased with these shorts.
There was an improvement to these shorts in comparison the the regular Rhodesian pattern shorts. The stitching to the buttons is better-they don't fall off now after using them once or twice and the buttons are larger than the other shorts which makes them much easier to use. FIVE STARS PLUS on these.

Ridge - US
Fast delivery nice items, very satisfied (2021-03-30)
Great items

Isenhart - US
High quality, fast delivery (2021-03-09)
Well made, good fit

smith - US
Rhodesian Camo shorts (2021-02-10)
Very well made shorts and prompt delivery, make sure you order a size up, or, maybe I should lose weight.

Balsarini - AU
Good stuff ! (2021-01-21)
Good quality. Those shorts must be Tank-proof (well, almost). Glad I ordered one size above as 100% cotton may shrink a bit.

Didier - FR
great work (2020-12-22)
this shorts really whort thi price ,very detailed made and good quality,the sizes fits for americans/Europes very well
the shop send so fast ,after a couple of days it was under the christmas tree,thank you WPG

Michael - Germany