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Great Vest - High Quality (2022-01-03)
I am very happy with the quality and materials. I highly recommend it. Delivery was very quick and the same date as promised.

Allen - US
Rhodesian vest (2021-09-05)

Dave - Uk
Rhodesian Camo Operator Vest (2021-05-10)
Fantastic product! Absolutely love it - keep in my cat and never leave home without it.

Strupp - US
Very fast delivery (2021-04-22)
The vest is perfect. Like the camo & love all the pockets. Thank you.

Simmons - US
Awesome Vest! (2021-04-15)
I ordered a size up and it came in pretty loose fit, however after one wash and dryer, it's now a perfect fit. Color is great, tons of pockets, my new adventure traveling vest.

Armbruster - US
Amazed (2021-02-07)
Looks great good quality

Estes - US
Fantastic! (2021-01-05)
The Rhodesian Camo Operator Vest met all my expectations. The cut is just like my Aeotec vests that I got years ago! The fit is as expected. A great addition to my vest wardrobe!

Schmidt - US
something new!! (2020-12-21)
I am very happy with the quality of this vest! The picture currently on the website (21 December 2020) makes it look very long from top to bottom, but the vest itself is actually shaped quite normally. The zippers are plastic but they seem high-quality to me. A note about the size: I have been living in the US for 30 years and I don’t want to make generalizations about sizes in the entire country...but every garment I have bought here that was made in the US or intended for the US military seems to be on a slightly different size scale. I really wish what price glory would just publish the actual size of the garment to avoid confusion. This 3XL what price glory vest is about the same size as 2XL or even some XL garments I have purchased in the US. If you are American and unsure, I would advise you to write or call the company. I am a normal size guy with big arms, but with what price glory I always order the biggest size available when it comes to jackets. This 3XL vest fits me perfectly.

Jacobus - Illinois
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