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Bullet fast shipping (2020-02-10)
This is the second one I bought. Very high quality and
the shipping is incredibly fast.

Coyle - US
Great service (2020-01-29)
This is a great piece and the service was outstanding

Coyle - US
khaki shelter half (2014-10-28)
Good product as usual. It is fairly light material maybe 8 oz (?). I think its probably OD#3 shade (color).

Jon - US
Great item (2014-09-18)
Just what I needed and for a fraction of the cost of other suppliers. Great quality as always.

Nappi - US
Shelter half (2014-09-14)
Very good item, excellent delivery. No problem whatever. I have bought a number of items over the years and I have always been pleased with the quality and efficient service. A really happy customer. John Flatt-Dorset, England

Flatt - GB
U.S. Shelterhalf (2013-05-17)
- Looks good (a good copy of the (WW2 era) originals I own, mostly from old surplus stores)
- The buttons are the black (painted)flat-faced "hat type"
- I'm using rolled up as a "fill-in" on a (Jap)anese Pack . . . maybe "captured material" from the PI ?

Reus - US
Top quality (2013-04-24)
Fast shipping and very good repro.

Vilanova - ES
US Khaki Shelter Half (One) (2013-04-06)
These are a little thin. The color has been corrected they are now OD3. The "US" stencil sometimes bleeds through to the other side.

Irving - US
WWII (early) Shelter Half (2010-10-29)
Very beautiful reproduction! I really enjoy having a new item some folks like the smell of "old and mold", but not for sleeping in. It is the same thickness as the originals. Which, if you think about it, makes it easier to carry. I love it!

Speer - US
USGI SHELTER HALF (2010-04-27)
nice item, well priced and fast despatch.

marsden - GB
Shelter half (2010-03-04)
Perfect! Spot on thanks.

Martin - GB
US Shelter Tent (2010-01-08)
Very happy with the product, i am a repeat customer and will be as long as the quailty stays the same.

Percy - US
US Khaki Shelter Half (2010-01-06)
ordered and delivered in 4 days, thats **** fantastic, and over the new period too.

Iten is spot on thanks

Shelter Halves (2009-09-08)
I ordered two and received two in a quick turn around. The buttons on each shelter half do not match up leaving a gap at the top or the bottom. Don't know if this has been brought up to you before, but I would do a quality check on the shelter half. Otherwise, it will be good for my Great War impression.

Lawrence - US
US Khaki Shelter Half (One) (2009-06-23)
Good item, the measure are ok, the tissu is a bit thin like the original but i use it like a grounsheet in my ww2 first mdl shelter half.

Thibaut - FR
shelter half (2009-06-03)
very good. a little thin but again I don't plan on sleeping under it either. just what I needed to put on my McClellan saddle

Mckenzie - US
Just a bit too thin material (2009-05-06)
Let me preface this with "I don't plan to sleep under it." That being said, I still think the material is a bit too thin. I plan on giving the thing a good dousing of Thompson's Water Seal and be done with it. I tiwll stink for a while, but what shelter half doesn't? As for a pack stuffer or a living history "home" it works fine. Oh, and shipping was SUPER speedy!

Burchette - US
Incredible Quality & Service! (2008-11-30)
Jerry, the shipment from you UAE warehouse made it through Customs in record processing! The quality control is phenomenal! My WW1 cavalry tack is about complete with the addition of your shelter half and 5 pegs! Thanks, Carl

Rivas - US