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Fast delivery and good service (2017-05-10)
Did business with them before and I'll keep doing business for sure, keep up the good work.

de - NL
Great US HBT Jacket and Trouser (Package) (2015-08-25)
Extremely accurate reproduction of the US HBT Jacket and Trouser (Package), softens up with a wash or two. Has the chemical warfare flaps that are so often missing on the originals as the soldiers cut them off. Makes a good set of work clothes for the yard or garage as well. Very function and accurate for reenactment.

manchester - US
HBT uniform (2015-07-19)
The HBT uniform is perfect, we had a problem with fulfilling the correct sizes ordered. better luck next time.

gatford - US
HBT (2015-06-08)
The hbt set is outstanding, The only problem is one of the trouser was suppose to be a size 42 and WPG sent 2 trousers size 38. I would like to send one pair back in exchange for a size 42. If you would send me a return/exchange order I would appreciate it . Thank you

gatford - US
Outstanding (2015-05-20)
Look and fit great. Shipped in very quick. Couldn't believe it when they arrived a day ahead of schedule.

Gaston - US
HBTs (2015-04-08)
Product arrived more quickly than expected and in great condition. Product fit perfectly. Much thanks.

Ruhland - US
WW2man (2015-03-19)
Great looking item and quick shipment.

Adams - US
Hbts (2014-06-22)
Great quality in my size. Prompt delivery reasonable price.

Schock - US
US HBT Jacket and Trouser (2013-09-22)
Great product's quality .Very fast. Nice repro.

Benitez - ES
That's what I call HBT ! (2013-05-22)
Very fast shipping as usual ! Very nice hering bone twill , better than I espected . Great ! and many thanks !

Jean-Francois - FR
Mr (2013-05-21)

Nice repro,far better than sturm I had!! Always easy to find the size in inches than l.xl... Great service from Emirates, thanks Wajed!! At home just in a week.

chasco - ES
HBT Jacket & Trouser (2013-03-09)
Looks great. Fast shipping.

HBT (2012-11-04)
Very Happy, Nice stuff. Feels great to wear. I ordered a little bigger than I normally wear and it fits great.

Ryan - CA
HBT Jacket and Trouse (2011-11-18)
Fast shipping

Pijper - NL
Missimi, N (2011-06-29)
fast service, good quality

Missimi - US
HBT's (2011-06-09)
Color, size,(for us guys larger than 36 or 38 jacket size), and 13 star buttons right on the mark. Good pricing and prompt shipping. Will do business with again.

Chapman - US
Domalski,US (2011-05-12)
Great color and available in sizes for the rest of us that aren't 18 anymore.

Domalski - US
Perfect (2011-02-16)
Size and looks are just perfect !

Hambammer - AT
JIMSINY (2010-10-27)

HBT set (2010-03-11)
Material was very close in pattern to the Army HBT weave. 13 star buttons seemed to be very slightly off in contour compared to originals (buttons were ever so slightly domed. Fit was good as was color. Would love to see these in the earlier sage green and short lengths for the jackets.

Kaliszewski - US
HBT jacket (2010-02-15)
One complaint...the button holes on the cuffs do not go all the way through. The top material has the holes, the bottom or back material does not. Not a big deal if you know someone who can sew it.

Sexauer - US
HBT set, blouse and trousers (2010-01-27)
Nice reproduction. Comparable in weight to an original pair. I have purchased many items from this company and will continue to do so! I love the numerical sizing, better than L or XL.

Fabiny - US
HBT set (2010-01-08)

Color was good, material was on the thin side but they should still be good for reenactments. Just a lighter weight material. 13 star buttons are very good. Sizes are accurate and service/shipping from WPG was very professional.

Doyle - US
all good (2010-01-08)
very good reproduction. fast shipping and good attention.

tresserras - ES
Great value (2009-10-20)
Good quality. Prompt service. Sizes run true to what they are listed as and they're in stock. Will recommend to others and will purchase these items from WPG again.

Smith - US
Feedback (2009-10-06)
Have been a long time customer of WPG and never had bad experience with this Company.
Highly recommend to all interested!

Jim M

Monroe - US
HBTs (2009-08-24)
Excellent. Same quality as my other HBTs I ordered from you. My last set has at least five jumps from a C-47 that participated in the Normandy invasion.

Hoffman - US
5 (2009-06-21)
prompt service, quality product and apparently the only company who can supply HBT Utilities in full range of sizing. Outstanding service.

Danaher - US