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US Shelter Half Accessory Kit (Package) (2017-01-10)
Well made, and as always delivery was quick. Thanks Jerry!

burns - US
good (2016-12-29)
Both Paul and Peg are wonderful. The rope is also sewn properly. The price is also reasonable. I do not know white cloth bags to put tools. Was that the original?

chief Koda - JP
Seabee (2015-04-24)
All looks good and was shipped very quickly!

Fornbacher - US
Tent kit (2013-12-14)
Quick to ship and excellent product, well worth the price- thank you!

Rubin - US
spares (2013-08-08)
Very nice set I wanted as spares for my orignials

Blake - US
Very nice! (2013-08-04)
Great equipment. Great quality, and once again incredibly fast shipping from the UAE warehouse! Now I can finally set up my original pup tent.

Schmidt - DE
Very Nice and Fast (2012-06-16)
Just what was needed, and super fast!

Blum - US
Shelter Half (2012-02-22)
Thank you very much. Excellent job!

Techmeier - US
Tent stuff (2012-02-14)
Well made high quality product!!!! Exactly what I was needing and very affordable with fast shipping!!!

Schell - US
Curator of Agriculture, Industry, & Economic Life (2011-09-20)
The U.S. Shelter Half Accessory Kit was exactly what I needed. I had ordered a shelter half from another company, but it didn't come with the folding tent pole, tent stakes, and bag. Thanks so much for providing this kit, as well as prompt, efficient service.

Bishop - US
I received the Kit, it look excellent. I do not remember how long I had been looking for the tent pins and pole, the complete set it was more than I expected. Very accurate with all the components necessary to set your tent.


US Shelter Half Accessory Kit (Package) (2011-05-20)

Anisimov - RU
100 % (2011-03-24)
superrrrrrrrr ++++++++++

torres - ES
U.S. Shelter Half Accessory Kit (2010-10-14)
I have been putting together four period sets (U.S. Army WWII, U.S. Marine WWII, U.S. Army Korean War, U.S. Marine Vietnam)that all required shelter halves. I am finally done. If it wasn't for your mix and match tentage I would never have accomplished it. It has cost me $6000 (not including the $3400 that I spent on period weapons)but I have complete militaria from 1938-1988. My next step is mannequins and the "Game Room". I am a member of US Militaria Forum. I don't have a Sherman Tank or PT Boat yet, but some day. Thanks for helping me with my dreams.

Speer - US
U.S. WWII shelter half accessory kit (2009-12-30)
This is a good bargain, because I bought a pup tent from someone else who said it was U.S. Army 1950's. It turned out to be French, and had all of the wrong stakes and poles. At least now I have partly U.S. The only reason that I downgraded was because there are no ties for the side loops.

Speer - US
US Shelter Half Accessory Kit (Package) (2009-10-21)
Nice lot

4/5, because a pin the mat has been forgotten

Birgaentzl - FR
Mr (2009-08-25)
Another top item from WPG again.

Toohey - AU
U.S. Shelter Half Accessory Kit (2009-07-02)
shipping to high!

Henson - US
green side out/brown side out (2009-07-02)
Looks good and feels good. Pleased once more.

Lee - US
Mr (2009-06-23)
Another top item from WPG.

Toohey - AU
Shelter Half Accessory Kit (2009-03-05)
Excellent quality, very good and usable--this will last for years! Feels good to keep the original items safe and use something of good quality.

Shealy - US
Shelter half accessory kit (2008-12-11)
Well pleased with the tri fold poles and stakes.

Dockall - US
good set (2007-09-11)
really good price for this set and the pole is especially well done

jason - takoma park MD