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Great product! (2022-05-28)
I needed a tent for a D-Day reenactment, and this is the perfect candidate! The wood feels high quality and the canvas is perfect. On top of that, the price can't be beat! Fantastic reproduction. I'll absolutely buy from WPG every chance I get!

Lang - US
Spot On! (2022-04-07)
After regretting selling my original tent many years ago, I decided to buy one from WPG. Initial thoughts, the material is near the same, the halves button up beautifully, the eyelets feel secure although on one half an eyelet is missing (but hey as a reenactor I have skills to sort this out), the pegs are well made, and the tent poles are as good as, if not better than the original. All in all I am very impressed and looking forward to using this in the field

Stevens - UK
Jerry, Wajed and the wider WPG team are amazing! (2019-01-09)
I have been shopping with WPG for ALL my Reenacting needs since 2009. Since them every single item has been of good and accurate quality at a very good price and always delivered fast with excellent customer service. This US WW2 Khaki Shelter (2 halves) is no difference. Thanks guys.

cm24445 - AU
Excellent Item, will not disappoint! (2018-08-27)
What a reproduction, quality build, great price and rapid shipping. WPG has always been our groups preferred supplier. We will never go anywhere else.

A M - AU
Fast shipping, great quality, (2018-06-01)

Mark - US
Super fast delivery (2016-05-17)
Tent came and looks to be in excellent condition. Will give the tent it's first trial run at the Reading Airshow. Thanks Whatpriceglory!

Daniels - US
Shelter Half (2015-11-09)
Fast delivery and the shelter halves look great. Thank you WPG!!

Bowman - US
Good repro (2015-03-30)
Fast shipping, looks good, am going to waterproof it and see how it holds up at the end of April.

Rainey - US
shelter half (2015-03-29)
dissapointed in the quality my halves don't line up the button holes are out of sequence on the rear panels otherwise ok will need to waterproof the halves I may need to spend additional money to repair
I was impressed with the super fast delivery of my products didn't need to track them it wont stop me from ordering other products tho

McMurtrie - AU
Shelter Halves US complete kit (2014-07-24)
Looks great! Material is thinner than original but good for show. Will use it for the first time this weekend event.If you plan on camping in it I would spray some kind of water proofing.All in all a good quallity reproduction.

Pace - US
US Khaki Shelter (2014-06-26)
Nice shelter tent set. Surprised by the lightening quick shipping. Worked well on first bivouac, however lost one button already, and neither side has the US stencil.

I guess I'm a commando now.

Cornwell - US
I was hoping for a bit more quality I guess (2013-05-21)
Canvas was a bit light weight but it will be fine with some water proofing on it, I had a half dozen buttons come off one half when I was putting it together, they had been set poorly, but a easy repair. and the poles and pegs were not the quality I have come to expect from WPG, one of my poles was warped in two sections and the pegs are knotty and have many have grain run outs that combined with the low quality wood will mean breakage very quickly

Smith - CA
US Khaki Shelter 2 shelter halves (2013-04-06)
These are a little thin. The color has been corrected, they are spot on. Each button seems to be spaced slightly different sometimes leaving gaps or tight areas.

Irving - US
Christmas present (2012-11-21)
Shipment came very fast. It all looks good to me, but this is something my son asked for, for Christmas, So, will have to wait until then to see if it meets his expectations.

Irwin - US
U.S. Shelter Half Set (2011-04-30)
Fabric seems lighter than an original so I will see if it keeps me dry. I set it up and it looks great and everything else is good.

Zach - US
Gino, US (2011-04-04)
Fast delivery, will try it out this weekend

Filippin - CA
tent halfs (2010-09-14)
Tent halfs went together perfectly, the pegs look like my originals, poles are better built than the originals

Giunta - US
Khaki shelter half (2010-09-13)
Another excellent item! AAAA+++++

Jones - GB
us kahki shelter halves (2010-08-05)
Again, fatastic speed in delivery,have'nt set it up yet but I'm sure its fine, as all the kit I'vve had of WPG!

Jones - GB
Fantasic Item and Transaction (2010-07-21)
This was my first order with WPG I ordered a 2 selter half set. At first was surprised when told it would be coming from UAE and concerned about receiving it in time for an event. based on the tracker furnished in an e mail I was able to track and had it in a matter of days-As for the condition of the item it was/is great! I will definately being doing more business in the future-Thanks!

Abramowitz - US
US Khaki Shelter 2 shelter halves (2010-07-07)
Great Item. The fastest delivery I have had from any one on line. All of the products I have ordered have been excellent.

Phillips - US
wales (2010-06-07)
excellent quality. will need to spray the canvas with waterproofer and take care when putting together. brilliant delivery...

fabric heavier? (2010-04-19)
Looks great! But I had expected the fabric to be heavier. We'll see how it works this weekend, as SS "Wiking" will try to break through our lines :)

Chaban - UA
Mr. (2010-04-15)

I received a call that they could not deliver my order, and they left a number to call to make arrangements. The arrangements were the same as the "Special instructions" that was a part of the shipping information on the order form. I called and gave them the information, and the package was delivered the next day.
The shelter halves are well made, and matched the last order made. Very satisfactory

MacMullen - US
US Shelter Half set (2010-04-09)
Firstly, the postage to England was superfast (a couple days or so), easily trackable and no customs duty, which is good. Well packaged, the Shelterhalf set looks good, poles seem well made, as do pegs,bag and string. The two shelter halves seem the right colour. They seem to be slightly thinner material than my originals, I'm going to be trying them out this coming weekend at Pippingford Park. Hopefully they'll keep me dry!!!

Costin - GB
AZ (2010-04-04)
Lightning fast shipping. Looks great!

Weinerman - US
us khaki shelter 2 shelter halves (2009-10-16)
super fast delivery, great repro I found the material to be if anything thicker than the origanal one my mate has, which is an Australian issue.

bulmer - AU
us full tent/shelter half's ,peg's/ pole's. (2009-04-03)
this is a good repo,and for the money a great buy...everthing is there for one tent.
it' agreat value.

martin - US
huck towel (2009-04-03)
a great repo at a great price.

martin - US
US Khaki 2 shelter halves (2009-02-07)
Good pattern, with nice color and tight weave. Material a bit thin, and buttons and grommets a tad flimsy. Good for displays. Star burst buttons would be a nice touch, instead of the plain ones.

Hunter - US
shelter halves (2009-01-19)
Just received them ,they look great. Shipping was much faster then I thought.Real test next week,can't get to Gap,so 20 of us do our own Bulge.We stay in the field the full time of 4 days so they will be my shelter. forecast high 0, low -10

Wonick - US
A bit light but functional (2008-01-04)
The fabric is a bit lighter than original canvas, but looks very close to original for living history events. I had a grommet partially pull loose when I overtightened when attaching to a neighboring tent''s stake, and a wooden tent peg split in the hard Georgia clay of Toccoa, but I had a spare peg so no big deal. Otherwise everything works just fine and should last awhile. The tent is a great centerpiece for a living history display; toss in a sleeping bag or wool blanket, a musette bag, entrenching tool, and some loose equipment and you''re good to go. If you''re going to camp in it, I''d suggest using a 3rd section of shelter (or some bulk canvas from a fabric store) as a ground cover, and spray some water repellant over the tent to protect the fabric.

Troy - Tampa, Florida
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