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excellent (2021-11-06)
Looked and functioned perfectly and shipping was super-fast

Cummings - US
US M42 Trouser Suspenders (2021-08-12)
Thank You, just what I ordered, love them

Not Delivered? (2021-06-17)
Have not received the item to date

lytle - US
Great job (2021-05-11)
First size was a bit larger than other pairs of the same size but got them exchanged quickly.

Strand - US
Good (2020-09-28)
The suspenders look and feel great. The stitching did come out of one of the leather things that goes around the button. Not sure if this is a regular issue. Otherwise good product.

McCorkle - US
Outstanding (2020-06-21)
Really marvelous heavy suspenders - the leather tips add a splendid & practical touch

Weintz - US
Very good (2020-06-01)
Good length & color. Nice.

Simmons - US
Excellent quality (2020-02-10)
Great quality,easy to adjust.

Coyle - US
Excellent quality of both gloved & suspenders ! (2019-11-17)
Arrived in short order. Looking forward to next order.

McAdam - CA
Perfect (2019-09-05)
Great product, great price.

Santiago - US
Great product, and fast shipping (2019-06-07)
Great product, and fast shipping. Thanks

Johnson - US
Almost as good as my real ones. (2019-02-02)
Almost. The elastic part is slightly less heavy-duty, but it's perfectly good enough. The good bit is that they are otherwise almost indistunguishable from genuine - but nice and long. Very pleased.

Dickinson - FR
Fast delivery. (2019-01-01)
Very good suspenders. Tired of my M1942 trousers falling.

Craft - US
Amazed (2018-06-26)
Well arrived, Thanks.

Holland - CA
my order (2017-07-21)
The suspenders are great. Thanks

Banchero - US
suspender (2015-11-03)
Verry good quality

Fournier - CA
Suspenders (2015-06-16)
Fully satisfied, they fit nicely.

Zeigermann - DK
US M42 Trouser Suspenders (2015-05-11)
Very nice and well made. The color is spot on with the originals. Even the texture of the leather.
Great job!

hello (2015-02-16)
These suspenders are of good quality and affordable.

Wilson - US
US M42 Trouser Suspenders (2014-12-23)
Strong suspenders. better than the ones i received from a well-known US vendor.

Reed - US
M42 suspenders (2014-12-12)
As advertised. Work great.

Stevens - US
Awesome product (2014-10-29)
This is the place to order from if you want quality products. I highly recommend them.

Rexach - US
Perfect! (2014-10-01)
Excellent, great fit, great price and an amazing way to step up your impression!! :D

Tremblay - CA
US M42 Trouser Suspenders (2014-02-25)
Look like the originals and worked great all weekend! Thank You!!

Heim - US
US M42 Trouser Suspenders (2014-02-18)
Price ok, shipped on time. Glad to have them.

Haussler - US
Mr. (2014-01-21)
Great suspenders, work great on the ATF mountain pants!

Soule - US
Outstanding (2013-11-21)
As always this is another WPG win, keep it up guys

Lee - US
Excellent Service (2012-12-04)
Great company, they stand by their product, many thanks and I will be back for more!

Jobe - US
Great (2012-11-21)
Really nice price

Daz - ES
US M42 trouser suspenders (2012-09-18)
Excellent item. Excellent service.

Deere - GB
Excellent Reproduction (2012-08-06)
These suspenders are great. The extra length makes them perfect for someone over 6' tall.

Jason - US
Great Product! (2012-06-16)
I finally wore out the previous pair (by wearing them about every other day for two or three years). Great for tall guys like me!

Blum - US
Suspenders (2012-04-30)
Very very vey good qualite! incredible repro!

All ok whith WPG!! Thx

Cruz - ES
Exactly What You Need (2011-06-21)
Perfectly Fitting & Reproduced, Absolutely Recommendable

Ricciardi - IT
Perfect (2011-04-13)
Just perfect for reenacting outfit, really fit anyone. A very well done job. Recommended

Ricciardi - Italy
Just what I needed (2011-03-14)
These are just what I needed and the price was right.

Cassar - CA
US M42 Trouser Suspenders (2011-02-11)
Perfects! This US M42 Trouser Suspenders are perfects! Thanks a lot.

de Cárdenas - ES
. (2011-01-15)
Fits mountain pants perfectly!

Boisseau - CA
WALES (2010-05-26)
Excellent quality and price....

mountain trouser suspenders (2010-04-15)
Very nice. Put them on my trousers as soon as I got 'em.

Schober - US
Good Repro (2010-03-10)
Good product, plenty of length for my fat brother :o)

Hoffman - NZ
US M42 Trouser Suspenders (2010-01-16)

Dionne - US
good (2009-12-13)
A very good repro.
thanks WPG

Schatull - DE
Excellent! (2009-12-07)
Very well made with plenty of adjustment room for taller types. Makes a great compliment to my UK version, and shall be used for different outfits...

Well done to W.P.G for making suspenders in non-elastic materials! I've not managed to find non-elastic suspenders anywhere else...

Griffiths - AU
US M-42 trouser suspenders (2009-11-24)
The suspenders are a very good reproduction product. Shipping time to the US was just two days.

Kilgore - US
braces (2009-09-21)
great items both brit and usa.

weston - US
1943 suspenders (2009-06-25)
Good quality, well made, nice colors, great price, and sized for the modern American re-enactor(ha!), yet adjustable enough for we smaller types. A+

42 suspenders (2009-05-07)
great product, a little long but great.

Erickson - US
Thanks (2009-04-11)
3 pair I've gotton, excellent as always and fast shipment

Nappi - US
suspenders (2009-03-16)
They work great with my M1943 trousers

Scott - US
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