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Wow!! (2024-01-02)
I was a little nervous when the package arrived... what would actually be in the box for the exceptional price of this B-3? It would be an understatement to say I was blown away with what I received! This jacket is amazing! Great feel, beautiful leather, and fits great! I am incredibly happy that I finally pulled the trigger on this one!

Michael - US
Excellent Jacket (2023-06-26)
This I bought after getting my WPG Irvin which is the Best Buy out there £ for £
My B3 did not disappoint Wajed was great start to finish helping me out with sizes
The jacket sheepskin is superb! How these jackets at a quarter of others out there are not sold out beats me !
Thank Sharjah team keep up the great work
Kevin Miller
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Kevin - Tyne &Wear UK
Fantastic quality and value (2022-01-17)
This jacket is really well made and virtually impossible to destinguish from an original. At 5 times cheaper than other replicas it's brilliant. Also totally wearable even when not at 30 thousand feet. Super fast shipping internationally as usual Al in all. A+++

Aran - UK
Really Nice Jacket for the Price (2021-04-09)
Although WPG owner made some negative comments about this B-3 jacket, I have to say I was very surprised by the overall quality and authenticity of the jacket, especially for the low price. I bought an extra-large which fits me great over clothes. It is a fairly heavy jacket that would be great for very cold conditions. I only wish it had a authentic WWII contract label! Another satisfied customer of WPG!

Sully - US
EXCELLENT (2020-07-12)
WPG always comes through. Their B-3 is as close to perfect as you will find, and it doesn't break the bank. A quality jacket at a great price. My daughter loves her B-3 and now wants an A-2. Guess I'll be ordering from Jerry Lee again soon!

Cranwell, - US
100% perfect (2019-11-30)
I received my B-3 today and man o man am I impressed. I've wanted one since Memphis Belle came out. There are many retailers selling various knock offs for the same price as WPG does but I'm here to tell you THIS IS IT! This B3 is the fit in appearance, function and unmistakable as the real deal WWII B3. I was unsure after reading the very honest description but it is better than described, WPG is just maintaining their high standard which can't be beat. This B3 is a awesome product and at a dam good price. I'd suggest the B2 cap and repro gloves to go along with it as they too are phenomenal! Excellent Repro WPG keep up the outstanding work and service. You guys truly are 2nd to none.

Warren - Ga U.S.
very fast delivery (2019-06-02)
The vesete is very good quality, it size very well I recommend it

Beautifull jacket, great service and fast delivery! (2019-05-25)
If you don’t need an over bulky garnment to fly above 30.000 feets, this B-3 jacket is made for you!
Even if it feature some minor compromises with original ones, WPG did a great job. For a very nice price I got a stunning jacket that definitelly looks like a USSAF B-3 when worn. Owner of several originals and re-editions sheepskin jackets I can testify this one is the more confortable to wear everyday.

Conte - FR
Quality Product (2019-02-27)
So, this review comes a tad.... early I guess one could say. I ordered my chest size hoping that the length ofnthe jacket would be adequate. Unfortunately the sleeves were entirely too short so I am returning for a 42 which after assistance from the WPG staff was determined to be the exact proportions and measurements I need for mu build.

What I can say is that the leather is soft as is the wool. The colors ofnthe leather are fantastic and I know that when I receive the proper sized exchange, this will be a coat I will wear regularly during the cold North Dakota winters.
Only area of concern would be the snaps that fasten the collar to the body of the jacket as they feel like the may pull through the leather before they unsnap and would recommend a reinforcement in this area or utilizing snap hardwear that isn't quite as.... stout... in it's connection.

Also, adding the actual dimensions of the various sizes would be most helpful in determining what size to order.

Jason - US
Nice Jacket (2018-09-16)
Very speedy delivery. Package arrived within three days of ordering!
This jacket is very comfortable and looks great. It's not an Eastmans, but I knew that prior to ordering, and at 1/4 to the price, I am very happy with this jacket. The leather is very supple and I was worried about the finish so I applied a leather sealer, which made the jacket colors Pop. If this jacket ever wears out, I'll buy another!

Steve - US
Great Jacket / Great Price (2018-08-04)
VERY pleased with this B3 Jacket...Price was outstanding and Quality was Excellent...VERY close representation to an authentic.

Timothy - GA
Two issues.... (2018-04-28)
This is my second B-3 from WPG. I had to get another because I'm a 50 and not a 48 anymore since I retired from the Army. These jackets are great for the price and I own some that I bought for a little over a grand and paid too much.
But this one was fine except both collar snaps on the chest came right off when unsnapped. But, sense I have a snap kit and to replace them was nothing and the rest of the coat was fine, I did just that and kept it. This one is a better fit and the arms are larger which is nice. the sleeves on the old one kind of felt like tube socks.
No, it's not exactly like an original from WW2, but there's damn few people that could pick one out from a lineup.

Zack, Idaho - US
Amazing Accuracy for the Price (2017-03-28)
Front pocket should be tight against the zipper area, buckles incorrect (but can easily be replaced), and cuffs should be narrowed more from the sleeves, but otherwise very good accuracy and an outstanding value. If you want to see this jacket in action check out the movie Fortress. You can pay more, but for this price the opportunity to keep my original B3 as a display piece, is a no brainer.

D. Post - US
Amazed (2016-12-31)
Great jacket and service. Thank you

Bova - US
Amazing (2016-08-25)
This is a nicely made B-3. For the price, it surprises you with the look and quality.

Nunn - US
US B-3 Sheepskin Shearling Jacket/Coat (2014-12-24)
Size 46 U.S. B-3 Shearling Flight Jacket/Coat. Smoooooth Easy Deal! Fast Shipping! Great Customer Service! Nice Item for it's excellent price! Great Fit!Customizing makes this buy even better. I have the British RAF equivalent and it's just as nice! I added to this B-3 hand painted squadron breast patch & hand painted unit insignia's w/leather trim on all, and added brass roller buckles, w/all new cowhide straps.... it made this jacket way better!

Carl - US
jacket (2014-12-23)
Nice jacket. Love the look and fit. The zipper pull is on the opposite side from what i'm used to though so I'll have to re-learn how to operate it.

landress - US
B-3 Sheepskin (2014-01-28)
I really didn''t know what to expect, but I really have been wanting this style of B-3 and the price was unbeatable, so I took a leap of faith. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this jacket is! The style is great, the fit is very true, I really like the darker shade of the sheepskin lining, and it is incredibly comfortable! I wear a 44 in my A-2s and G-1s and they have a true military fit. It is recommended to go up a size if you want to layer, and that is a good idea. But this jacket is so warm and comfortable, you may just want to order your true size as I did, no layers needed. The only drawback I have noticed is that the leather is a bit to soft on some parts of the jacket, and it will eventually rip. But I''ll have some repair patchwork done if/when that happens and add even more character to this awesome jacket. Hands down a great B-3, for a great price!!! I may just have to get the RAF version now!!!

Will - Chicago
Great jacket (2012-05-04)
Great jacket - definately has the 'look' from 10 meters. Unfortunately one of my buckles was bent and skewed - and the jacket has been stored and compressed for sometime, so the leathers creased. But Im being fussy now.

Lovely piece of kit. And the collar is just fantastic! Not like these weird modern expensivo repros.

Stewart - GB
Best Option (2012-04-14)
WPG''s reproduction of the Type B-3 is one of the few remaining bargains of the genre. For those who need a presentable example of this jacket for routine air operations, it provides the opportunity to save the originals from wear and tear at a very reasonable price. If we beat one up trying to do the Steve McQueen through the B-17''s nose hatch, there is no lingering regret that we''ve destroyed a piece of Americana. I''ve bought three of these since they were first produced in the late 90''s, and all are still presentable.

They don''t differ in any practical way from the originals (at least the post-1939 versions) but there are slight variations depending on availability of parts. The welting is occasionally wider than prewar specs, and the buckles are not standard, but if you''re a purist, they''re easily replaced by surplus parts from A-3 pants. All in all, Jerry has done the warbird and reenactor community a great favor by remanufacturing these icons of the AAF... and saved a lot of originals from destruction. If you have to use these jackets on a regular basis, I recommend that you think twice before paying Eastman or Lost World prices. At half the price, these are 7x10, and a real bargain.
-JWH, Personal Equipment Officer, 533 Sqdrn

James - New York, NY
B-3 Jacket (2012-02-17)
I''ve had mine for two years now and it looks and feels great. The zipper is terrible though. First it was hard to engage and zip and now it''s broken entirely.

Mikeb - New Jersey
best kept secret on the internet (2011-11-10)
I've seen these jackets go for up to $1500, and this was is a STEAL at the price they're charging for it. This is now my most favorite article of clothing I have. That said... One of the two seams connecting the left wrist cuffs have come out on the first day. Luckily there are 2 seams, but it could become a problem later on. Overall, I am really glad I bought it. It's quite a deal.

Ray - US
Chops (2011-05-29)
Comfy and appears pretty well made. Good value for money!! Super comfy!

Stevens - AU
B-3 Jacket (2011-04-25)
While not a perfect reproduction of the original B-3, for the price it is very good and is better than the commercial jackets on the market that are supposed to be a B-3. A good economical alternative to jackets priced at twice as much. We will see how it wears, my Eastman "blew Out" at the elbows after one year, I hope this one lasts longer.

Cross - US
B-3 bomber jacket (2011-03-24)
Jacket arrived just 3 day's after payment! Super communications and best service ever. Keep up the good work guy's.

Jacket fits like a glove (thanks to the good advice of Wajed), looks like the real deal and wears comfortable like a WW2 original. Very good item for my WW2 aerial gunner display. Mony/ quality the best deal around. Believe me.

Already saving money for the next order. :-))

switchback061044 - NL
B-3 (2011-03-11)
Sorry for the late review. I really like this jacket. It is warm and very accurate in detail to the original. I have the WPG Irvin, but somehow I like this one better.

Vinney - Virginia, US
blouson b3 (2010-08-03)
JE viens de recoir blouson lun. aujourhui b3 HNE il super a recommander j avais peur Pour la taille Il Est Parfait merci

jean louis - boyer
This jacket met and exceeded my expectations. I love it. It's beautiful and probably worth twice what I paid. On top of that, WPG is a first rate company - fast service,very responsible and very responsive to my emails.

Penrod - US
Zipper (2010-03-22)
Nice jacket worth the money. Only problem with the jacket is that it has a left handed zipper. This can make zipping the jacket a bit difficult due to the wind flap and zipper tang are on the right side.

Jason - Delaware USA
US B-3 Jacket (2010-03-10)
The Jacket is right on when it comes to the original vintage design. The quality is there at a very fair price. I contacted the company with a question before I purchased it and received a very prompt reply. My order was quickly processed and shipped. Great Product and Customer Service. Thanks !

Ernie, Springfield, Ohio - US
Great! (2009-09-18)
I just returned from an Army deployment overseas, and tried the jacket on. I am looking forward to a cold Ohio winter with it. Looks great, and fits well.

Sternad - US
b3 jacket (2009-04-20)
Thanks for the speedy delivery. The overall quality is excellent and has all the details of the original design. I looked at the other sites like Eastman and lost worlds and yours has the best value for the same quality.
Yes it does get cold here in the south especially if you ride a motorcycle.

Arnel - Alabama, United States
B3 Flight Jacket. (2008-10-01)
I bought mine a couple of years ago - and i have been using it regularly ever''s great! (i even have people who want to buy it from me for a nice profit, but i just don''t want to sell it!!!)

Guy. - Quorn, Leicestershire, England.
Very Nice! (2008-09-26)
Ver well made jacket with very authentic detail. Well worth the money paid and look forward to a nice cold Pittsburgh winter!

Tom - Pittsburgh, PA
amazing (2008-05-16)
this jacket is awsome, great detail and high quality a must if you want a B-3

Chris - Oregon
B-3 Flight Jacket (2008-01-31)
I bought my jacket back in 2004 while I was still deployed in Afghanistan. I came home for 2 weeks leave and wanted to take it back with me to wear while flying
as a army crewmember on bourd a blackhawk. I can''t say enough about this jacket. I just hope that WPG will not rise the price on the next one I buy out of reach.

Zack - Idaho
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