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Super Hat- Heavy Material (2021-11-11)
This is going to be awesome for hiking and working out in the bush, er- I mean around my yard. Skellum says they're lighter weight that the normal French hat - yowsa! 'Cuz this thing is HEAVY weight material. Big peak on the "bucket" gives lots of air space for heat to rise up from your sweaty scalp. Speaking of sweat, the heavy, doubled up material should be a great absorber. Faded quite well after a few washings. The brim is now kind of mal-formed and too floppy; I'll have to figure out how to get it shaped better. Probably a ton of starch. Anyway, pleased overall and expect to wear this thing for the rest of my life. Well done as always, WPG!

Dettling - US
VERY NICE (2021-09-05)
Excellent camo. Good quality construction. Lighter weight than the WPG French OG chapeau but that's fine. SIZE runs more true than the OG French chapeau but Iorder one size larger than your normal. Does not appear to shrink or contract in cold water wash.

skellum - United States
Excellent hat (2021-08-20)
Very well made cap.


Everingham - CA
Well pleased. (2021-08-10)
The French MLE-49 in Rhodie Brushstroke WPG has produced and that I've purchased is simply magnificent. I love so called "fantasy" pieces like this beauty. Put simply WPG makes great high-quality kit. I'll be back for more for sure. Now if they'd just get the OD green version back in-stock I can⁷ die a happy man. Thanks guys and gals.


Ripley - US
What a beauty. (2021-08-04)
I don't want to say this work of art is a beast but well it's so tough I shot it with a .50 cal API to zero discernable effect. Next I tried an AT4. It left some small burn marks but that was it. No penetration at all. Suffice it to say these hats are tougher that depleted uranium armor. They represent the perfect marriage of Rhodie Brushstroke camouflage and French design. Both the Bigeard Cap and the MLE 49 are iconic symbols of French military adventures AND the Cold War.

James - United States
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