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Very nice item (2024-07-16)
accurate measurements, good quality

Jackson - US
Excellent (2024-01-19)
Order for s very great hat

Harding - US
Fast delivery (2023-10-16)
Great fit !except with ear flaps down is slightly tight.

Benecke - US
Nailed it again (2023-06-01)
Well done to jerry and Ashok. Cap arrived in only a few days from ordering, the pattern is a match for my other items and as mentioned i went x2 sizes up and it fits perfectly.

Ted - Bucks UK
Nice (2023-04-12)
Great item made as per the originals, be warned mind they do come up a little small! I ordered a 58 and it's a little sung more like a 57.5

Andy P - UK
Great repro, lightning fast delivery (2023-02-27)
A great reproduction of the classic "crap hat" but without the awful cardboard filled peak of the original. Mine had a small area where the stitching had partially missed it's mark hence the 4 rather than a 5 but I easily remedied it with a needle & thread.

Marc - UK
Impressive cap! Impressive quick delivery time! (2022-09-26)
What a great cap! It is so authentic to easily pass for an original. The DPM camo matches my original 1968 DPM smock perfectly! I followed the advice of other reviewers to order 2 sizes up from my normal head size for a good fit. That was good advice.

Robert - Canada
Impressive quality! (2022-08-20)
Really pleased with my DPM cap, but be advised they are a small fit, so be advised to go up at least a size maybe two.

Brownlow - UK
Tremendous job! (2022-06-12)
WPG have really outdone themselves with their copy of the DILAT hat as it is absolutely spot-on in every way. Practically indistinguishable from an original when placed side-by-side, only the meshed vents are of a slightly different pattern. The fabric, lining and DPM print are absolutely top-notch and will finally allow anyone with a head larger than a size 7, which is the maximum usually encountered in period originals on various platforms, to complete their 68 pattern uniforms.

Daniel - Kent, U.K.
Super Fast Delivery (2022-05-02)
Well made cap with authentic DPM Camo. I wear 60-61 normally and ordered largest size 61 and it fits! Rugged construction, very well done. Will look good to round out the impression.

Armbruster - US
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