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fast delivery (2019-08-08)
good items , very realistics

super (2019-07-18)

Robert - BE
excellent as always (2019-03-30)
Great item, sometimes it's the small touches that make the difference to a great display. The binocular strap looks great.

very satisfied (2019-01-31)
Very satisfied,excellent repro and super fast
shipping. Thank you

Amiard - FR
Very Fast Shipping to Canada (2019-01-27)
Very good repro and fits perfect on my original Kershaw 1943 binoculars and 1942 binoculars. 5 Stars Seller - Thank You

Thibodeau - CA
super (2019-01-08)
as good as the original

pauletto - IT
Great item, perfect fit (2018-08-20)
Super happy with this item. Originals are hard to find and too fragile to use. If you need one, this is it.

Garcia - US
UK Bino Strap (2017-09-26)
Binoculars strap very good repro. Thank you for having it available. Fast delivery too.

Matt - Oregon
British binocular straps (2014-08-07)
An excellent product. Can't tell the difference from the originals.

Augle - US
British WW2 repro binoculars strap (2012-12-16)
Very fast shipping: received it in 4 days!
The strap is fine, but the buckles are a bit too small. It took me quite some time to get the webbing strap onto the bino's. Double threading the webbing was a serious pain.
But, once on: perfect!!!

Toine - NL
Perfect (2012-02-25)
Fits original bino's perfectly and looks great.

Clewlow - GB
Well Done (2011-10-20)
Excellent repro. Super fast shipping.

Ewasick - CA
WW2 British Army Binocular Strap (2011-08-02)
This strap is great. The strap ends became easily frayed as I tried to install them to the binoculars. I still like it a lot and I really like they way it looks attached to my binoculars.
thank you for the prompt shipped and great reproduction your company did.

Maloney - US
Binocular strap (2011-05-29)
Exceeded expectations excellent reproduction.
and fast service.

Sandy - Canada
UK Web Binocular strap (2011-04-20)
very good and very fest!

Stano - US
Strap (2011-03-01)
great copy

McRae - CA
UK Web Binocular strap (2011-01-19)
GOod copy

Van - NL
Good strap (2010-08-11)
Splendid strap, looks good, easy to install, seems sturdy.

Santos - US
binocular strap (2010-08-06)
excellent item just what i expect from WPG cheers

Miley - GB
UK Web Binocular strap (2010-03-15)
Very good repro and fits perfect on the original binocular. Thank you Jerry.

Liu - US
Binocular strap (2010-01-19)
First rate! As good as the original. Fast delivery. GOOD SHOW!

Cole - US
UK Web Binocular strap (2009-12-15)
Brilliant shipping, lovely item, would not know it was repro unless told. Will definitely use again. Many thanks

caffrey - GB
UK Web Binocular strap (2009-10-22)
Excellent repro. Super fast shipping.

Kennedy - CA
UK Web Binocular strap (2009-08-30)
Hate to rain on this parade, but compared to my original the webbing is just a little narrow. Minor detail, essential item.

243Herbert, Spr. - US
Binocular strap (2009-06-29)
First class! When it arrived (in record time)I had to look back to the website to see if it was original or repro!

Jon - Ireland
UK Web Binocular strap (2009-06-11)
these straps are an exact copy! I have a orig one and cant tell the dif thanks for having and selling great products and the speedy friendly service!

Arnott - NZ
Binocular Strap (2009-04-09)
What can I say really?, great reproduction of a tough to find item. Glad I got one, was impressed. I will order again from What Price Glory.
Thank you

Lodge - US
web binocular strap (2009-04-03)
just like the originals, fast delivery

Russell - CANADA
UK Web binocular strap (2009-03-26)
Cracking reproduction of an impossible to find item. Excellent service & super fast delivery!

Simms - UK
web binocular strap (2009-03-26)
Just like my original one. Excellent. Service was very fast.

Russell - CANADA
UK Web Binocular strap (2008-12-02)
Great Items, fast delivery.

Ho - Hong Kong
Well Done (2008-11-07)
perfect copy for reenacting

Stanek - Czech Republic
Good replicate (2008-05-16)
I have now received the items I ordered recently (x 5 British Army replica webbing binocular straps and x 3 U.S. Army replica leather binocular straps) and would just like to say thankyou - not only for the goods, which are are of good quality and as described - but also for the professional way in which your company dealt with my order.

The site is good, the products are good - well done peaple - I shall no doubt order from you again in the future..



Michael Wilson - London, UK
excellent (2008-05-08)
perfect repro

kristof - belgium