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fast delivery (2021-09-26)
item as expected.

Cryan - US
Super fast (2020-02-18)
Belt books worked like a charm. Sewed them in with no problem.

Wahab  - US
Exactly what I was looking for (2019-08-12)
and at a fair price.

Authority to leave (2019-04-24)
I would be grateful if you allowed your customers to assume the delivery risk and have a choice to instruct the courier to leave a parcel at an unattended delivery address (very funtional brass hooks BTW).

Rich - AU
us belt hooks (2014-11-10)
Exactly what I needed for my bonfire uniform. Thanks very much.

Treagus  - GB
Belt Hook (2014-04-14)
These will be used for my kilt jacket. Just the thing to keep the jacket from riding up with the belt.

Rairdon - US
V (2013-03-26)
spot on used what intened for

Valenzo - US
Extremely Pleased! (2012-04-14)
So totally pleased with the products and do expect more business from me in the future,

Concon - US
Can't get any better (2012-03-23)
Great items! Will be asking for more!

Concon - US
dave (2011-12-19)
great item finishes uniform off with belt

rickell - GB
US (2011-12-02)
Nice hooks, just the thing for my Patton Ike jacket.

Stumpf - US
belthooks (2011-07-05)
everything allright.Sturdy hooks. Fast delivery.

Vorthmann - DE
belt hangers (2011-02-15)
Great Repro's Thanks !

Santucci - US
Belt Hangers (2010-12-26)
These are perfect....Better than the originals

Santucci - US
reenactor (2010-11-30)
Very happy you had these hooks,great item to stock

Vozar - US
Belt Hooks (2010-10-19)
As with all items I have bought from you. The order arrived on time with exactly what I ordered. Thanks also for providing tracking no matter where the product shipped from.

Johnston - US
Garrision Belt Hooks (2010-04-12)
Excellent order turn round and delivery. Very Happy with these little items. Many Thanks

Fant - GB
Hooks (2010-03-18)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. Thanks again for everything.

Cusick - US
perfect (2010-02-13)
fast delivery, excellent repro

tresserras - ES
Quality, fast (2010-02-07)
Bottom line: 5/5 stars. Serviceable, with fast delivery.

Quality: 5/5 stars. Hard to screw these up. They either work or they don't and these work well.

Delivery: 3 days from UAE to USA. I don't think you can beat that.

Steve - East Coast, USA
Belt hooks (2010-01-14)
Fast delivery to uk well impressed.

Pethard - GB
Belt Hooks: (2009-12-22)
I've had little to no luck in finging these until I saw them on your website. They look great and I'm looking forward to using them!

Eric V - US
officer 4 pocket tunic and hooks (2009-10-30)
Thanks for the help. The coat looks great,just like and original. I was suprised to find that the coat has way more room that I needed. I took it to the taylor. If you are a big guy and think you cant fit because your belly is too big think again, Lots of room with the XXL. Great service and response super fast shipping!

Stewart - US
Belt hooks (2009-06-25)
Great for the price, completes the look, with my belt and A class

Stevens - GB
They fit the RAF kit too (2009-04-29)
I needed two belt hooks to fit my RCAF KD SD and these hooks fit perfectly. They were shaped slightly different from the single original one that the original OA RCAF KD SD came with but they do the job perfectly.

Bobka - US
Belt hooks (2009-03-31)
Not much you can say about a belt hook, except that it's right or wrong! These are right.

Holford - IRELAND
US Belt hooks (2009-03-19)
Fine items. Fastest shipping - 3 days from order to receive. Excellent service.

US Belt Hooks (2009-01-03)
Spot on, I just am not sure where they attach... Maj. Lee has once again provided exceptional service.

Dilts - US