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Think about size. (2021-11-23)
These are beautiful socks, but something needs to be borne in mind: WWII soldiers tended to be leaner than the average man is today. If you are not as lean as they were, consider wearing the larger size or wearing long trousers and shorter socks.

Whitney - UK
Size (2021-11-04)
While very well made and in a nice color, I can not wear these hose. The foot fits nicely but the top was simply too small in diameter. I've passed these on to a friend with matchsticks for legs! He's happy...

Fox - US
CONSEGNA VELOCE (2021-10-26)

clerici - IT
Perfect (2021-10-19)
Nice items, good quality

Juarez - FR
Fast shipping, and great product! (2021-09-28)
I ordered a reproduction pair of tall "hose" or socks as I call them. The shipping was fast, and I love the quality of the item. I will be ordering again!

Sherman - US
Super fast delivery! (2020-10-17)
Were but What Price Glory and Jerry Lee can you find Brirish WWII gear and at such a reasonable price, with such quick delivery?

Nicholson - US
4 (2020-09-29)
Very nice and well made. I have larger calves and these were a little tight. Service was great.

Bise - US

Super (2020-07-30)
Outstanding service, very quick shipment, great item ! Thank you !!!

blanckaert - BE
Nice product (2020-05-10)
Exactly what I expected

Gauld - US
Reliable always (2020-02-21)
Beautiful hose, but as 100% wool, they doe tend to wear out rather quickly

Morrison - PL
Great quality (2020-02-03)
Great product
Great quality
Fast service
Will buy again

Wood - US
Best of the best. (2019-10-10)
The best socks ever.

Arnaud - FR
sizing (2019-08-28)
From the last pair I ordered, these seem to be consistently oversize by one or 2 shoe sizes.

Pohlers - US
Super (2019-06-02)
Order has been received
All is OK..

long socks (2019-05-30)
brilliant right colour fits well very comfortable, and very fast delivery

hill - UK
Excellent (2019-05-22)
I ve receive my order,no problem !
Many thanks to wpg team !

Fast as hell! (2019-04-19)
As always, good quality and and fastest delivery on the planet!

Morrison - PL
AWESOME!! 5 Stars Mate (2019-04-19)
AWESOME!! 5 Stars Mate

Kane - US
Khaki Hose-perfection (2019-04-16)
The hose are perfect; exactly as anticipated and very sharp looking

Heyman - US
Second order (2019-02-28)
Just as good as the first

Godwin - US
Great Hose! (2019-02-09)
Item 200983002 was more green than Khaki.
But still great hose!

McNeil - US
hose and puttee (2018-12-22)
very high quality product. well priced. Fast delivery.

Sharp - US
Great product and service (2018-12-12)
The socks came exactly as advertised and quickly. Happy buying from WPG.

Connell - US
fast ship (2018-11-05)
excellent socks

mattimore - US
Excellent delivery (2018-09-29)
Items arrived very very fast, really good quality unfortunately there was a line of dark stitching just above the ankle on one, contacted WPG and they replied promptly and sorted it out for me. Many Thanks.

Chris Buck - UK
Perfect !! Very fast delivery (2018-09-24)
Another great product.

Prismall - UK
More than happy with these long hose (2018-09-18)
WPG usually get the orders out nice and quick as was the case this time around, all good

Lean - AU
fast delivery (2018-08-27)
good quality, fast delivery

Petr - CZ
Great value on hard-to-find item (2018-08-13)
Try finding khaki kilt hose anywhere else! These are the real deal and bargain priced. Look sharp, match any tartan, stay up great even without garters/flashes and I'm always being asked where I got them from!

Hendryx - US
Great value (2018-08-11)
A very good pair of socks. I bought large for size 11s (UK) and the fitting is good. Recommended.

Ric - UK
BEST (2018-08-02)
Excellent quality, I have paid much more for hose that are much pooper quality. Well done!

Good quality, fast delivery (2018-05-26)
So far so good. These socks will get a hammering on the Kokoda Track of 9 days. Well made, super fast delivery.

Kibell - AU
Full Hose (2018-05-16)
Great quality super fast shipping as always a great product from a great company

olson - US
Retired college professor and State of Texas employee (2018-05-14)
Excellent items. Many thanks.

Socks (2018-03-16)
The socks are good as expected.

Neri - US
Super (2018-03-13)
It's all fine and good quality.

Plott - DE
everything i asked for (2018-03-12)
very happy with quality and sizing

Brunton - CA
Very Fast! (2018-02-25)
The best service of good quality militaria anywhere!

Morrison - PL
Fast Delivery (2017-12-20)
Everything arrived on time, as ordered. WPG has always given great service. My thanks to Wajid and the rest in Dubai

Morrison - PL
Amazed (2017-12-18)
Everything arrived on time, as ordered. WPG has always given great service.

Morrison - PL
Extremely Fast (2017-09-25)
Your order processing is simply the BEST in the online business. The workmanship (especially in the Black Watch riding breeches) is incredible for the price. Assuming one knows how to measure for a particular garment (as in these breeches- to be used in combination with the wool service dress cutaway tunic) the quality is most impressive.

Fast delivery. (2017-05-02)
Fast delivery and good quality!

Verhoeven - NL
Excellent Quality (2017-03-31)
These are excellent Quality.
However they are more suited for WW2 or post war Canadian re-enactment as they are not dark enough for most Canadian WW1 Highland Unit re-enactments. Would be nice if a darker version was made for WW1 re-enactment.

Booth - CA
Fast delivery (2017-02-25)
nice color and knitting to hose

Hood - US
Super fast, (2017-02-19)
You Best

Reshetnikov - RU
Perfect color! (2016-12-07)
These hose are a very complementary color with the wool service jackets and tunics. Oddly enough, they go very well with the UK officer's silk tie.

Shane - Kansas City, Missouri
Lightning fast delivery. (2016-05-26)
Appropriate item to use for WW1 Highlander display.

Deutsch - US
Excellent Product (2016-05-22)
Very nice - almost a perfect reproduction of originals in my collection!

fast service (2016-05-20)
The socks are a bit tight but I can fix that and wow these folks have really fast service.

Watkins - US
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