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Better than the Competition (2022-12-10)
It’s a great cap. A tiny bit tight, but with wear it will be perfect. I made the mistake of buying a competitors version first. I should have known better. The other guys’ cap was asymmetrical and too stiff in the crown. The WPG cap is superior in every way, and once shipping was added, less expensive. Thanks WPG!

Adam - NC/USA
High quality (2020-07-16)
High quality product, shipping and service.

Roger - Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Very Impressed! (2020-02-19)
Like everything else I have purchased in the past from WPG, the quality of the material and the craftsmanship is far superior to almost anything else out there. It really surprised me to receive this good of a cap for what I paid. As a bonus, shipping was very fast as well!

DonB - US
Great Brit Peak Cap (2020-02-05)
Wow! I was truly surprised by the quality and craftsmanship of this cap. The fit and finish is top notch, all the way down to the silk interior and leather/velour headband. Stitching looks tight and precise. I am very pleased with my purchase, I just wish it was fashionable to wear 24/7!

Don - Florida USA
UK Officer Dress Service Cap (2019-07-18)
Fantasic quality and fits perfect! Husband loves it very much. Fast Shipping, well packed. Thank you!

Fitzgerald - US
UK officer hat (2019-07-12)
Great hat high quality

Kevan - South Dakota
UK officer hat (2019-07-12)
Real hi quality

Kevan - South Dakota
Fast (2017-12-20)
Got it quite satisfied, thank you

Kalal - US
Fast Delivery (2017-12-18)
Got it quite satisfied

Kalal - US
All the best (2017-03-17)
I can't say anything different that has previously been said. Great quality and workmanship. Perfect color and cap size as well.Just enjoy my WW2 canadian officer impression with that nice addition.

Lachance - CA
Spiffy (2016-11-07)
Great quality and fits like a glove (even though it's a hat).

Shaw - US
Addendum (2015-08-24)
As an addendum to my earlier review of this item, I recently participated in a reenactment weekend in which I had the opportunity to compare my WPG cap side-by side to WWII original and found the one I bought from Jerry to be of equal or superior quality to the originals I examined, except for the buttons. I retract my earlier comment about the chinstrap seeming a bit thin: they were as heavy as on any WWII original I saw. This product is very, very well made and well worth the money.

Gary - Montreal, Canada
Excellent value (2015-07-10)
I'm very pleased with this cap. I do a Royal Canadian Artillery impression and find that the material used to make this cap has a stronger fraction of green than British made uniforms, just as did Canadian uniforms in WWII. The construction of the cap is excellent and it's very easy to form the nicely rolled crown just the way you want it by first soaking it in water. I adorn mine with a William Scully's of Montreal vintage light bronze artillery badge and find it looks just awesome, especially when teamed paired up with my WPG khaki drill belted bush jacket and trousers.

Some clients have reported sizing issues. The fit of mine was good, if not perfect; the slightest bit tight which can be rectified with a hat jack, though you might want to order one that's a cm larger than your actual head size if you don't have one of these. I'm not saying mine doesn't fit, only it's a bit tighter on the head than all my other hats the same size.

The only reason I don't give this hat a full five stars is that I find the chinstrap a bit thin and flimsy and the buttons holding it in place are wanting in detail. I plan to replace them with proper artillery buttons anyway, and I suspect most of you will want to replace them with the correct regimental buttons so this may not be much of an issue.

My overall verdict on this item is that if you are doing a British / commonwealth officer impression, it's well worth the price. I ordered mine on a Saturday and it was delivered to my by noon on the following Thursday, so Kudos to Jerry and his team for getting the kit out to me when I need it.

Quebec / Canada - Montreal
Great hat (2015-02-01)
I have to say a very nice hat. Very well constructed from nicely woven cloth. The main interior band has to be almost bullet proof as you'll need a drill to fit a badge with lugs on it. It's also very shapeable if you need to. I did a few other mods to get the shape I wanted. It should last for years of equine abuse as my previous hat did.

Pontius - Ireland
Great (2015-01-27)
An excellent hat, beautifully made and highly recommended

Gibson - GB
Officer's Cap (2014-12-14)
Very good quality, very pleased.

Gibson - GB
Nice WW1 officers cap arrived in Norway. (2014-11-08)
Very pleased with this cap. Good quality material. Nice shape. Size was as ordered. Will pass in perfectly with our living history show in Norway.

Downham - NO
UK Officer SD wool SD cap. (2014-07-14)
Excellent workmanship and shape. I like the rolled crown across the front center, unlike another one advertised elsewhere that is a bit to flat up top.
Mine is a size smaller than marked.

Neuenburg - US
Top Quality (2014-06-11)
Superb quality item. I have an original Gieves and Hawkes cap and this repro does not give much away in comparison. Can't be beaten.

Chopping - GB
UK Officers Hat (2014-03-16)
FANTASTIC HAT! I had no issues with size, fit perfect out of the box!

Officer forage cap (2013-09-14)
Apart from some sizing issues that were rectified with excellent customer service, the cap is outstanding. It would be nice if a stiffener in the crown was available with it though.

Luscombe - CA
officer cap (2013-07-31)
its good thanks but I asked for a size 60 not 62cm but this one fits

mcclennan - AU
officers buratha wool cap (2013-04-30)
absolutely perfect. fits well. looks great. thank you.

Very Nice (2013-04-19)
My hat actually came a little too big. It was an easy fix, though, by slipping a little padding behind the sweatband. Overall, a very nice product. Customer service was great, too.

JohnVV - NJ
UK Officer Service Dress Caps (2012-08-16)
Very good quality but beware the sizing. Mine was marked as 59cm (as per order) but was actually 57.5cm.

UK Officer Service Dress Cap (2012-04-22)
The first cap I received was definitely small, I take a 60 and it was marked as such but only measured 57/58. I asked WPG to check the stock sizes and they replaced it with a 62 which actually measures 60 so it looks as though they are all on the small side.
The good news is that the problem was dealt with swiftly and professionally by WPG and the replacement arrived extremely quickly. I am extremely happy with it in every way. Perhaps the test of a company is in the way it reacts to problems and WPG did not disappoint.

David - GB
UK Officer's SD Cap (2012-04-22)
Very good quality but beware the sizing. Mine was marked as 59cm (as per order) but was actually 57.5cm. So now awaiting replacement.

Atkin - GB
Officers Service Cap (2012-01-30)
As always Jerry has done a fine job. This hat is a real piece of quality. The color and texture is spot on when compared to original battle dress. The crown and brim are well made and won''t deteriorate from moisture. The cap is also fully lined and even has a velvet strip on the front of the sweat band. It was a bit of a challenge to attach a cap badge, however that is a good thing as it indicates how well the hat is made.

Jason - USA
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