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great (2020-06-01)
Great shape, and thick cloth. I think it is almost the same as the products made at the time of ww2.

Great jacket! (2017-11-27)
Jerry went out of his way to find me a 52 chest size after the 50 would not fit! Great quality and price! I have been impressed with WPG on a lot of items and will shop them often!

Don - North Carolina
Unissued condition (2017-02-06)
I compared this jacket with an actual WWII jacket that was issued to my Father-in-law during the war. If I didn't know the difference, I would have thought your jacket was a WWII jacket that had been lost in a warehouse all these years ad had never been issued.

Stevens - US
Ike Jacket (2016-11-14)
very good item ; fits exactly my size. fast delivery. I've never been disappointed with WPG

Navarre - FR
Fast delivery (2016-03-19)
Fast delivery, good quality!!!

Romanov - RU
... (2016-03-12)
Very good quality jacket. Unsure on the colour. Bit to brown. Would need a tiny bit more of the green in it. Because it looks more officer than enlisted. But I'm still using it anyway. Super fast delivery which was excellent. Sizing was perfect. Over all happy with jacket. Just colour should be lighter.

hunt - UK
quick delivery from over-seas (2016-02-02)
Jacket is made well but the color of the wool is a bit off. Maybe a little too mush like the Marine four pocket blouse than an Army Ike Jacket. I wore to FIG and it worked out fine considering that the amount of different shades put out from all different contracts back then.

Dodge - US
Ike jacket (2016-01-26)
When I took this jacket to my tailor he was very impressed with the craftsmanship and the attention to detail. That was a professionals option and made me happy!.

Romestan - US
US Army IKE Jackets (2015-09-01)
Got the new jacket and it fits perfectly. I'm very happy! I'm comparing it side by side to an original, and its very, very impressive.

Wein - US
Excelent service & product (2015-03-25)
The jacket looks sharp, I got many complements when I wore it with my green Utilikilt to the spring equinox ritual at church. Just make sure you order 2 sizes larger. I am a 46 and the size 50 fit perfect. If you wear a Utilikilt, this goes with it like ham & eggs.
It arrived sooner then expected, I will be getting more from WPG.

Gilbert - US
Ike Jacket for WWII Veteran (2015-03-19)
Wow! I ordered the jacket as a present to my Dad for his 90th birthday, it was a last minute surprise. The shipping was well planned, efficient and the jacket arrived in record time, as promised. He loved the jacket - high quality and perfect fit, his original jacket and service medals were lost many years ago and the Army recently provided replacemeent medals. He was excited to now have a replacement jacket complete with medals. We are ordering Tech Sargeant stripes and patches for his Engineering and Petroleum Distribution Company to complete the jacket. Thank you so much for making my Dad's birthday special.

Sprague - US
Best option for big guys (2015-02-17)
I am 6'4" 280lbs and very barrel chested. I wear a size 18x36 wool shirt and size 42 pants. My WPG Ike jacket fits nicely and is comfortable with only the sleeves maybe being slightly too long but not long enough to need tailoring.

My WPG Ike compares nicely to an original in size 44 in my collection. The color of wool used, the cut of the jacket and type of hardware used (buttons, friction buckles) is spot on. The color of the jacket lining is a little off when compared to my original, but that could be due to the fact that my original is ~70yrs old. The only other downside I noticed was that the fabric used on the underside of the collar doesn't match the color and texture on my original. Not a big deal, nobody will ever see it.

WPG's Ike jacket is a nice reproduction and the best/ only option for big guys looking to put together a late war dress uniform.

JTro - US
Ike Jacket (2014-12-29)
Really good quality material and details. Construction is sturdy. It is sized somewhat small. My chest measurement is 45" and waist 41" but I had to order a 48 to fit me properly. The tall size proportions are very good. I notice that the front pieces are not alligned perfectly, and that one front pocket appears about 1/4" lower than the other. I recommend this product.

Michel - US
Enlisted Ike Jacket (2014-12-25)
Very accurate and well tailored. For customers--I ordered Size 44 Regular. I am 5'7" and wear 17 inch shirt (collar size). I have a 36 inch waist. Size 44 fits perfectly.

Ridosh - US
US WW2 Ikes Jackets. (2014-10-24)
Hello Jerry Lee, I received my package this Thursday, 23 October 2014 Thanks for the quick shipment. The Ikes Jackets are perfect. Great, we have put the time in sizes and I thank the entire team. Thank you very much.

Bruno - BE
Ike jacket (2014-06-24)
Great seller! Looking forward to more purchases in the future!

Alton - US
Jacket (2014-04-23)
Jacket good quality and received very timely.

saff - US
awesome Ike (2013-12-25)
Never having handled an original Ike jacket, I can't speak to the accuracy of the reproduction, but the build quality and materials are excellent. My expected size (48XL, since I'd previously ordered a WPG British bush jacket in 48 that fit well) was too small: I went up two sizes... and am amazed how well it fits! This jacket is lovely, and a steal at the $95 sale price...

Goldfarb - US
Mr (2013-09-30)
That's the second jacket I have had from you I bought my Class A tunic from you and was very happy with the quality and service. The Ike jacket was just the same 8 days from order to delivery looks great now it has been ironed and badged as 101st well done excellent service

Steggles - GB
Fast and perfect (2013-04-29)
Eisenhower jacket was made well, fit well and delivered fast!!

Steinmetz - US
None (2013-04-22)
It's a very nice jacket. So far as I can remember, it's almost identical the the army surplus jacket that I had as a teenager in the 1960s.

White - US
Ike Jacket (2013-04-03)
Very nice repro jacket. Well worth the price. Ordered 2 sizes larger at friends advice and fits perfectly.

Carnevale - US
Returned (2013-03-07)
nice jacket but way to small so exchanged it for a bigger size

Lopez - US
the Ike Jacket: (2013-02-05)
Thank you the wonderful jacket it is a perfect fit, came very well pkgd, am very happy with the jacket, am putting patches of the unit I was in and that is with the Big Red One, 1st inf. div.

Lopez - US
To small (2013-03-06)
I ordered a size larger and it was still to small. I have requested twice for information how to return and exchange and have not heard anything. I recommend ordering two sizes larger. Otherwise it is a very good looking jacket. It goes very well with Utilikilts.

Gilbert - US
X (2012-12-31)
Looks just like the war surplus jacket I had when I was a teenager.

White - US
Best Customer Service (2012-12-22)
Best customer service in the world. Hands down.

Launert - US
Superior Quality (2012-12-05)
Superior quality, but the jacket is very small. I recommend ordering 2-4 inches larger than you actually measure.

Launert - US
Ike Jacket (2012-11-24)
Just received an Ike Jacket from WPG. Great fit, and an extreme value for the money. I am a piper, and look forwards to using it a military memorials.

Brock - US
Ike Jacket (2012-09-09)
Great reproduction in quality and fit,I have finally found a early British battledress jacket that replicates the Canadian version that I've owned 40 yrs.ago(surplus),except for the long,slash inside pockets,and long waist belt.Thank you,By the way,shipping is incredibly fast and clean.P.S. could use cleaning instructions.Thanks again

greganti - CA
WPGEoutstanding (2012-07-26)
Excellent service esp. with RMA's,jacket is fantastic and very quick delivery!

Dieckmann - US
Great replicas (2012-06-30)
These were great replicas. I would like to see a variety of sizes.

Rivera - US
Ike Jacket (2012-05-15)
couldn't ask for better--good work--quick shipping

ferreri - US
IKE JACKETS! (2012-05-02)
You never disappoint!


Concon - US
Mr. Thomas Gallagher (2012-01-19)
Great response had to exchange my jacket for a larger side. Sent out the new jacket right away. Jacket is great, glad I ordered it.

Gallagher - US
Fantastic (2012-01-19)
Perfect design, fabric, color, weight, etc. Had to order one size bigger (from 42R to 44R) because it felt too tight at the waist (34") and shoulders (20"). Other than that FANTASTIC. Thank you WPG.

Santiago - US
Nice!!! (2012-01-12)
These are very nice. WPG does a wonderful job of reproducing these; the weight, feel, fabric, quality, manufacture, color...all are just fantastic. I'm a size 42 jacket normally and, though a 42 would fit, I ordered a size bigger (44) just so I could feel less constricted. In case you are wondering, the jacket is brown in color, not OD. I chose to order the matching pants, even though these can be worn with the regular OD wool trousers.

Santiago - US
Ike Jacket (2011-01-07)
Sent it back too small, hopefully they will send the next size soo. Didn't like the fact that they are closed till the 13th of January. This was a gift for my husband.

Gallagher - US
Almost identical in appearance to my orig WWII Ike which no longer fits me. Quality of manufacture was very good, fit very comfortably--was glad I got a slightly large size. The front pockets were not quite square, a little wider at bottom than top. Other than having to open up the buttonholes a bit, this was the only thing I would criticize. Would definitely buy from these folks again.

Bonder - US
MR (2011-11-22)
Superb jacket - but I ordered the wrong size

Gilmore - GB
Specialest (2011-11-10)
This is a great Ike jacket. Great material and fit. This jacket was packaged very well and was ready to wear right out of the box.

McPherson - US
Ike Jacket to reenactos in Brazil (2011-10-21)
It is almost impossible to find original Ike Jackets in XL sizes. The WPG Ike Jacket (46L) is very nice and fits very very well! Superb quality and (again) very very fast shipping!

Tella - BR
Ike jackets (2011-09-30)
Because members of our re-enacting group are really big men, it is impossible to find original Ike jackets for them. So we bought them from WPG. These jackets are excellent reproduction and with original insignia look like WWII original.

Poch - CZ
US Army EM Ike (2011-09-15)
This is my favorite product from WPG. Bar none. Being a big guy I will probably never find an original Ike to fit - but with this one from Jerry, I don't need to - friends will think this is an original. Add the M44 Trousers and overseas cap and this is one smart uniform! Hard to beat.

Slesser - US
US Army IKE JAckets (2011-06-27)
These Ike Jackets are the best on the market and are very affordable. Authentic in weight, material, and color these jackets will be a hit at any WW2 event.

Slesser - US
Spot on repro! (2011-06-01)
After a short skirmish with Customs I finally received my Ike Jacket today and what a wonderful piece it is! Jacket is in every detail a perfect reproduction. Size is absolutely a blessing for someone who is tall. It's a awesome jacket for a very nice price. Delivery was super fast! I will return for a next time.

van Bronkhorst - NL
ike jacket (2011-04-04)
very nice jacket and fit's well ! super quality!!and very fast delivery!! thanks WPG !

duysters - BE
Excellent item (2011-03-24)
Received item. Based on previous comments ordered one size bigger and it fits very well. Sleeve length is a little long but very doable. Very scrunched up in packaging and will have to have it pressed before worn. But overall quality good, material good and look is good.

Dicks - US
mr (2010-10-26)
got coat very quick didnt expect it so soon,to small size but i didnt tell them my belly size will return for correct size i agree pkg could be better not crunched up

beaudry - US
Ike jacket (2010-08-03)
This is quality! The 44 long seems to fit very well. now I 'll finally get my old uniform back together! Thanks for such fine work Bill

Pace - US
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