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UK P37 Battledress trousers (2020-08-27)
True size to fit. Proper cut like the originals. Very pleased.

Gibbons - US
Very Pleased (2020-07-12)
Arrived quickly and was as expected. Very pleased with the purchase.

Kenyon - US
Excellent service & fit! (2020-07-10)
Ordered my son't trousers and were pleasantly surprised to find them in the mail the following week. The fit and finish is "spot on" and right up to spec. Thanks to Jerry Lee and everyone in his chain of command for your hard work.

Roop - US
Excellent Trousers! (2019-06-23)
I purchased these as a replacement for my current trousers. (I'd lost weight since I bought the first.) They're true to size, fit well, and are quality made! You can't go wrong with these battledress trousers!

Craig - US
Spoiled (2017-06-24)
It's easy to get spoiled by WPG. I recently lost quite a bit of weight and had to order a new, smaller set of P37 wool BD trousers. They arrived super fast with no problems and matched perfectly my current jacket purchased last year from WPG. These folks are so dependable and have quality items at a very reasonable price. I can see no need to take a chance on anyone else.

Cooper - US
fast delivery (2017-02-24)
consegna puntuale roba molto bella

pauletto - IT
bd trousers (2015-11-11)
The order arrived faster than I expected, and the quality is fantastic, as usual. The cut, fabric, etc. compare well with the originals I've seen. Thanks, Jerry!

Bond - US
BD trousers (2015-11-10)
The BD trousers arrived sooner than I expected and are great. They have plenty of room and are well made. They look great with the "old India hand" sweater from the same order!

Bond - US
battle dress (2015-07-29)
Very well made and a nice fitting thank you highly recommend

Martin - UK
bd trousers (2014-11-22)
trousers arrived in good time ,very happy with the order, good piece of kit for repro

giles - GB
BD trousers (2014-08-27)
Trousers arrived and fit spot on however there is a quality issue in respect that one of the buttons is missing so I cannot use my braces with them now. :-( also the buttons are wrong. They were a green plastic type not the brass type (as per my originals) so far I have purchased full KD kit which is excellent, a set of BD denims which were utter dog crap ! Never seen an original set in brown. !!! They were green... And finally the BD trousers as per above. Delivery is always quick , but you need to spend more time on attention to detail for your british kit.

Harrison - GB
exelent!! (2014-05-31)
the UK P-37 Battledress Trousers is in exelent condition!!!! great repro!! thanx a lot!

Nasioulas - GR
Sizings of trousers. (2014-05-10)
Size 38 inch waist arrived. Still way bigger than a true 38 inch. Sizings are way bigger than advertised. Have been able to tailor the Trousers down to fit, but not without some work, and of course the finish is not perfect, although they could be if they were professionally re-touched. Length was also way off, although some hemming could reasonably be expected. Quality 8/10, accuracy of sizing 4/10. Might be better to publish the inside seam, outside seam and actual waist measurement so you can have a bit more surety when ordering.

Jenner - NZ
Great (2014-01-26)
Good reproduction item.

YanBin - CN
Excellent (2013-03-25)
These trousers are of marvelous quality and indistinguishable from it's original counterpart.
These are the only reproduction BD trousers that I would buy!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
WW2 Briitish Battle Dress (2012-05-24)
A beautiful pair of trousers that matches the jacket perfectly. These capture the look (and feel) of WW2-era uniforms.

Pastor - US
Mr (2011-12-31)
Very efficient service

Hobbs - NZ
Five stars for WPG (2011-09-12)
As ussual, WPG delivers high quality coupled with quick delivery! Thanks guys!!

Custeau - US
37 trousers (2010-11-16)
thanks for the great quality as ususal
very close to the orginal one

and so fast

thierry - FR
P37 trousers (2010-10-28)
Very nice material, they look (and smell) just like the original. The legs are very wide, I'm a bit uncertain if they are wider than original.

Pedersen - NO
Excellent trousers (2009-11-25)
Excellent trousers.

Randall - US
Pants that fit! (2009-09-05)
Pants that fit! Please keep offering bigger stuff! Thats WPG and Jerry!

Hardage - US


P-37 Trousers (2009-06-26)
If it wasn't for the WPG tag on the inside, It would be impossible to tell them from originals and Jerry, thanks for the excellent service and help with changing the pants for a bigger size

Kiess - US
satisfied customer (2009-02-02)
well made copy

Stanek - CZ
Very happy (2008-08-04)
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my p-37
battledress jacket and trousers.
The construction, fit and material is better than described.
Thanks for the fast delivery time as well.

Edward Jividen - US
Perfect (2008-03-19)
Dear Jerry, and all at WPG. This is to let you know that the denim BD's order (above) arrived safely today. The uniform is perfect and the transaction has met all the high standards I have come to expect from WPG. Thanks very much and I look forward to

Kevin Slade - Essex, UK
Battledress trousers (2007-12-09)
Great pair of trousers. Very roomy. Legs wide like the originals. Even has a few extra inches, if you need to lengthen. Match them perfectly with the battledress jacket.

John - MI, U.S.A
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