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nice quality (2024-03-28)
will look good at the reenactment.

nykaza - US
Fast Deliverly (2023-12-25)

Nicola - IT
great! (2022-11-22)
Great quality, nice work and comfortable for wearing

Drablek - CZ
Super ! (2022-05-28)
Top quality, fast delivery !

Very fast delivery (2022-04-27)
Very happy with the item

Claire Martin - UK
Super fast delivery. Improved wool (2022-01-12)
This is a very nice cap. According to some who are far more knowledgeable about British uniforms than I, the fabric is an improvement over previous repros.

The only problem was that it was sent without its chinstrap, but on notification one was sent very quickly. I'm very pleased all around.

Callaham - US
Best Christmas Present Ever! (2020-12-28)
My 9 year old is obsessed with WWI and knows all of the intricate details of the WWI British Trench cap and What Price Glory has surpassed all of his wildest dreams! Shipping was incredibly fast and came sooner than any of the items we ordered domestically for his older brother for Christmas.

Black - US
All good (2020-06-15)
Thanks for another excellent order.

Land - CA
Thank you (2020-05-05)
A replacement cap was sent, as first order cap was crushed during delivery. This company shows that it is doing utmost to maintain high quality standards. It it most appreciated. Future business is assured. Thank you once again. All the best.

Grazioso - US
Surprisingly fast delivery (2020-03-06)
Listed as improved, but I like the lower profile of the one I bought 20 years ago. Overall quality is good.

Holder - US
Good Reproduction (2019-12-28)
Extremely fast shipping (UAE to USA in 4 days via DHL). The peak kept its form and fit well in transit. As others noted, the chin strap could be better. The brim of the cap is less pronounced than the photo would suggest, but it balances really well on the head without it. I would size it exactly to one's measurements as I ordered mine one size larger and it is a little bit larger than I was intending (which I think is a good thing in my case). Overall, a competently crafted peaked cap that suits the pre-war British Army.

Pedantic_Potato - US
Super (2019-09-02)
One of the best services I used

Reuter - CA
Awesome (2019-05-14)
Form and fit were above my expectations. Chin strap appears a bit flimsy.

Clifford - CA
fast delivery (2019-05-09)
Amazing fast delivery, good sizes

prinsen - NL
SD cap (2019-04-27)
Received my SD cap . Very fast delivery. Quality of hat was really good although my size was a little out too small . Ordered a 71/8 but is more like 7 or smaller.

Albert - CA
Fast, and just as described! (2019-04-18)
I've had local orders take longer to reach me. Well done!

Purdy - US
great product (2019-02-07)
Well made cap. I would order 1 size larger than you wear. I am a 59, ordered a 60, fits perfect.

D Reed - US
Great Item (2019-01-07)
Heavy well constructed hat... Chin strap and attaching pins need improved. Not a big concern as this is a quality product. Shipping was lightning fast too!

Bryant - US
Super (2018-12-13)
all of the items look great/ excellent quality.

Henriksbo - CA
Excellent SD cap with a few, very minor flaws! (2017-10-26)
I love the cap. The color and cloth material was great. The chinstrap left a bit to be desired. While I usually measure at 7 1/4" in cap size, I correctly guessed that the sturdy construction wouldn't allow for much in the way of stretch, so I ordered a 7 3/8" size instead. It's perfect. The alignment and stitching of the cloth crown was a bit wonky but it gives the cap a touch of character. It's a very, very minor issue. As for customer service and speedy delivery—the only improvement would require breaking the speed of light—but I'm a patient man.

Grosvenor - US
Great (2017-06-20)
Nice cap and a great final touch to my kit. Thanks

Land - CA
Super (2017-06-10)
Your service is absolutely grand. We receive packages from the Emirates faster than from the U.S. The quality of Gary's new tunic is excellent. He is about to shorten the sleeves this afternoon.

Kangas - CA
British SD Cap (2017-05-06)
I left a 3-star review earlier about the SD cap I received. My main complaints were the wrongly colored chinstrap and the very thick stiffening in the body, making it somewhat uncomfortable to wear. After doing more research on original SD caps it seems the bodies are generally very stiff. So that part of this repro appears accurate. So I'm raising my rating to 4 stars. A good repro and very quick shipping!

Will - USA
Great Buy (2017-02-04)
really pleased with uk service cap and fast delivery, all items bought were well packaged too, looked all over the internet for a best quality service cap and couldn't find one that i thought was good enough, glad i came across WPG, really quality cap, cant recommend it or WPG highly enough, thank you very much'

harper-summerson - UK
Great quality & service. (2017-02-03)
Fit as expected, great quality and rapid deivery. Very pleased and will purchase again.

Mottern - US
A fine piece (2016-12-12)
Looks great, fits well, exactly what I'd hoped for.

Dalton - US
WWI Service Dress Cap (2015-12-02)
Excellent product very happy.

Glenn - AU
WWI Service Dress Cap (2015-09-25)
Excellent! My original RFC hat badge looks outstanding mounted on the front. Fast shipping too.

SD Cap (2015-06-02)
Very good repro, impresses with the new batch, will be getting more of them for the lads

Adams - UK
WW1 Service Cap. (2014-11-19)
Ime afraid I have to complain:-
First The chinstrap (in common with some other similar comments) was totally wrong It was to Thin to Short and didnt fit correctly on to the raised border just above the peek.
Peek is too small ( more like a modern Guards peek hat!) It needs to be reconfirmed as the right size???
The inside leather liner always in my experience had the dicky bow to the rear and centre of the back of the head mine was to the right about 2.5 inches..
I am sorry to have such a negative report as I regard WPG top of the league.
But my Item left me very disappointed..

Hughes - GB
SD cap (2014-09-26)
Wow, this is a really nice repro of a WW1 Brit SD cap. Especially for the price.

Smith - US
SD Cap (2014-08-26)
The best repro I have found. Not perfect - the chinstrap and its buttons could be upgraded. However, excellent value for the money.

Tim - Vancouver, CA
UK service Dress Cap (2014-07-25)
Excellent example - better quality than an original. Fast and efficient dispatch

Borg - AU
Great cap (2014-06-21)
Excellent cap! Well made, fits great!

Copeland - CA
SD Cap (2014-06-15)
Generally good. The new version has stitching through the headband to hold the sweat band inside. This stitching wandered quite a bit ... done in a hurry I imagine. The originals I have seen had straight stitching. For the alteration we have to do for our impression I had to remove this stitching anyway, but had I intended to wear it as is I might have sent it back. The sweat band is not as nice leather as previous version, but color seems to match originals better. Probably a minor quibble. Had that stitching been straight I would have given the product a 5. All other materials very good.

Eames - US
SD hat (2014-05-15)
Very nice hat but the sweat band was not put in right, the joint at the back was off centure just need to take out and stitch in right place.Receved very quick and well boxed.

Lees - GB
WWI British Infantry Dress Cap (2014-02-11)
Arrived minus chinstrap, but quickly rectified. I thought the item was excellent, but like others who have commented, think the chinstrap a little thin. This is a minor quibble bec the overall effect is professional and certainly worth the asking price.

Bull - GB
UK Dress Cap (2014-02-08)
Looks good, I'm just frustrated with his hat sizes, somes 7 1/4 fits me and then I order 7 1/4 again and it's too small. Other items 7 1/2 fits and then it's too big with other items.

Culliford - CA
Herwig from Dadizele (2013-10-25)
Very nice, chinstrap is a bit off but other than that I have no complaints

Van - BE
SD Cap (2013-10-04)
Service is great and the SD cap is of very good construction, very impressed, the only complaint is the leather chin strap, it is totally wrong, size and construction, rectify that and it will be perfect

Adams - GB
SD Cap (2013-09-28)
Most excellent

Grant - US
very good, but can be better (2013-09-01)
Good quality cap, perfect sizing- however the chinstrap is way to thin in terms of width- plus the buckles are a bit wonky. Otherwise, well made.

Lam - US
WW1 british cap (2013-05-08)
Excellent item, despite the fact of a wrong chinstrap wich cause some work to look more accurate. One very important point : it fit a little bit small ... so don't hesitate to order a plus one size (I'm 60cm and I feel just well with a 61cm).

Jean-Jacques F. - FR
Beautiful Reproduction (2013-02-26)
This service dress cap is better than my expectations. I can see how some people might have a hard time installing a cap badge due to the front stiffener, but I didn''t have any problems. As others have said, the chin strap was very long but it was easily adjusted by trimming the excess. Great item.

JohnV.V. - NJ, USA
SD Cap (2013-02-07)
I am very happy with this item as it is spot on. Also very happy with the speed of shipping. :-)

Alan - London England
Mr (2012-12-31)
Very good quality, arrived 9 days after order great service

doyle - IE
SD cap (2012-11-14)
Excellent services and delivery.

However, despite looking great I have similar issues as already recorded. Peak was mishappen and I can see it is a manufacturing flaw rather than damage from transit in that the stiffener has been fitted askew.

Concur with chin strap errors and inability to fit badge. Also the manufacturing process has meant there is a large hard lump at the back where several materials have been overlapped which digs into the skull when being worn. This could be corrected by making the sizes a little more generous. Mine was very tight in comparison to others I have of the same size.
That said, the cap itself looks great, just needs a bit more care and attention to detail and finish.

Rust - AU
SD cap (2012-08-24)
Quality is much better than the one I bought 12 years ago. Super fast shipping like always. My only complaints are the sizing is off (on the small size), there are no grommets and the crown is off centre. But overall pretty good quality for the price.

Brian - VA, USA
Brilliant (2012-06-21)
Brilliant quality, arrived in a great time. Well done lads!

Crichton - Scotland
UK Service Dress Cap (2012-06-16)
Excellent quality. Well packaged. Fast delivery.

Blessing - US
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