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Outstanding trousers at exceptional price! (2022-06-09)
If you're seeking authentic WW2 khakis with a period-correct pattern and a high-rise waist, these pants are a steal. I own both Buzz Rickson's and Bronson's versions of the same trouser (each of which cost more than twice as much as the WPG's), and I prefer the WPG's over both. These are a truly outstanding value in my opinion.

R. Rasmussen - US
Great trousers! (2021-10-09)
Love these trousers; great quality and price!

sheriff - US
fast delivery (2021-07-19)
great trousers, ordered one size up and fit perfect.

dudrow - US
Supreme Quality! (2021-03-20)
Fit and construction was excellent!

Mike - US
pants fit and look good (2021-03-04)
great service and value

Unwin - US
Runs a little small, (2020-08-19)
I ordered a size bigger because my size was sold out, and fit was perfect. Looks good.

Hasart - US
Fast delivery and nice pants as always (2019-12-23)
This is the fourth officer pants I've ordered for the last years. One of my favourite chinos, high waist and authentic vintage pattern as original 40's chinos.

Great product/fast delivery (2019-11-24)
The pants fit perfectly and are exactly what I wanted. As always, the delivery was quicker than anticipated.

Parsons - US
Excellent (2019-08-17)
Yes all good. Thank you

hilberth - US
Look great and fit well (2019-04-16)
Wayyy long so need to be altered. Very happy.

Bonetti - US
Just the Khakis I need...! (2019-01-12)
Your Officer's Khakis will work well not only for my WW2 events, but for street wear when needed. Great product as usual!

Williams - US
Officer's Khaki trousers (2019-01-04)
Just received my new khakis today, and am very pleased with the quality. Will be delighted to have them hemmed and ready for wear. Thanks yet again!

Theodore - Oregon
fantastic (2018-05-23)
Very fast delivery, good quality

Bauer - AT
All good (2018-04-23)
Hey you guys. The kakis this time came as you said with 34” inseem which I was able to let out another inch and a half to completely cover these long skinny legs i’ve Been saddled with. So, I thank you and more importantly the people that happen to look my way are saved the view of may spindly ankles.
Needless to say, my arms are close to that of an orangutan so if you ever produce any shirts or jackets that have 36” arms let me know pronto.
Have a good summer. Bob

Meyer - FR
Length (2018-04-10)
Love the pants and WPG. Even with the hem taken down the inseem only came to a bit over 33’. Me I got these long legs. I wrote to WPG and they assured me that they have asked the factory to produce ALL lengths at 34. So hopefully i will have an inch or so to let down to get me to my desired 35 with a bit left to make a new hem. I am ordering a new pair , will report on the results for all you tall guys out there how want a great pair of kakis! We live in hope,

Robert - France
super item (2018-03-07)
Great fit en nice look; good communication with WPG

Poppe - BE
Super (2018-02-26)
The order was just fine

Watson - US
Perfect!! (2017-11-08)
Great quality & true to size!!

Little - US
US Officer Trouser, Khaki (2017-09-12)
This is my fourth pair of this fantastic trouser! Always a perfect fit, and built to last.

Warburton - CA
Value for mony. (2017-04-08)
These trousers are good value for money. One point of critisism is the placement of the waist buttonhole. In my opinion it is too close to the centerline with the result that the zipper comes under tension and opens partly spontaniously. I corrected this by moving the button sideways for about 2 cm. This problem could (and should) be easily corrected by clear instructions to the manufacturer.

Molhuysen - NL
perfect match for officer's cotton khaki shirt (2017-02-01)
Shrinkage was minimal, but get them commercially laundered before altering. The rise is long and the legs are wide, but that's how trousers looked in the 1940's.

Farrell - US
Super Buy (2016-12-29)
This was a gifft for my husband for Christmas he was very happy with the purchase I made for him.

Gallagher - US
Fast Delivery (2016-12-08)
I am quite happy with these and the cost is great. I'm a long time fan of Bill's Khakis but not at $130 a pop. These are good, sturdy alternative. Most of all they have a good long rise, the way pants should!

Wright - US
Very good trousers, super fast delivery (2016-10-09)
Very good trousers

Kauserud - NO
Delivered on time as promised (2016-10-03)
Great pants, high waist, wide leg pants are in now. Same style over at Jcrew is over $300!

Christovale - US
Great quality at a reasonable price (2016-09-06)
After so many years of spending so much money for BIll's Khakis it is nice to find a reasonably priced pair of casual long rise trousers.

Wright - US
Good (2016-09-02)

Linebarger, Robert Lee - US
fast delivery (2016-03-24)
Good quality

Gazda - US
High waist, big leg 1930s-1940s Khakis, just like the original—PERFECT

Ferguson - US
Eat your heart out Bill's Khakis (2015-12-11)
Very pleased with the khakis, good durable heavy weight fabric, roomy fit and heavy duty pockets; everything Bill's Khakis advertises at about half the price.

Harry - Cascadia
Officers Kaki Trousers (2015-12-03)
I'll leave feedback after I'm refunded for the order.

Pile - US
Great trousers (2015-10-20)
These are heavy cloth, and a nice colour. They're true to the dimensions given, not vanity sized, and they're a really nice cut... high waist, and wide legged but not baggy in the rear, actually pretty trim. And they're cheaper than anything else half decent...

Steen - CA
US Officers Khaki Trousers (2015-08-31)
Seems to be a good value. Shipping was fast, Tracking indicated that I would receive them last Friday, but actually received them last Wednesday. Just got them back today from having them shortened. Look great and feel good. I expect to buy more.

Beadle - US
Excellent trousers (2015-06-03)
Great quality and excellent cotton weave consistent with the officers shirt, I love these trousers!!!

collver - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2015-02-22)
Great product and arrived quickly.

Lawrence - US
US Officers khaki trousers (2014-11-25)
very comfortable I could wear them daily

McMurtrie - AU
Great product, great price (2014-09-23)
I can't speak to their authenticity, but these are great pants. I wear them all the time and they perform great. I love the construction, fit, and look. Shipping (to Canada) was surprisingly fast, too.

van - CA
Khaki Officer pants (2014-09-13)
Very small belt loops! Otherwise a pretty good item.

thornton - US
Officers Khaki throusers (2014-08-14)
Great service ++++
Loved the color on the pants when they arrived.
Did not expect them to be "small" in size. Would appreciate a snug larger in waist.
By far the best quality and repro made I have come a cross ever, thanks!
Also- fast shipping A+

Blomqvist - SE
Officer khakis (2014-08-10)
These are great pants. And the service is superfast!!!

musgrave - US
Khaki officer trouser (2014-08-04)
Fantastic product!! Nice height on the waist and really great quality materials, love the sackcloth pockets! Overall, very impressed and have already put in my second order :)

Warburton - CA
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2014-07-01)
My second pair! Not that the old one is no longer usable, they are still going strong after two years. For me these are the best Chinos around, with a very comfortable fit, just the right balance between lose and fitted. Highly recommended!

Phillip - UK
Excellent (2014-03-25)
By far the best pair of Khakis I''ve ever owned...superior to cut and fit than the Dockers K-1 or Bill''s Khakis, and at about half the price! Super fast shipping too.

Shaun - usa
UK Army trousers (2014-02-08)
Ordered size 42 (my usual waist size) and they fit perfectly. Have not worn them much but they look and feel alright. cheers Kim

fawkes - AU
Blummen good! (2014-01-19)
Crikey. Well up to scratch. Will order more.

Field - GB
Not Best Color Match (2013-12-03)
Good quality, good fit, but this shade is darker than the "matching" shirt. Good enough to wear with my chocolate brown coat.

Scott - US
Pants (2013-08-07)
Great pants. Fits very well. A bit yellowish but acceptable. Can't beat the price.

Hamann - US
Good Buy. (2013-05-20)
Good value, good cut. These seem like they're going to last a while.

Arthur - CA
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2013-03-12)
Best item

Pigliapoco - IT
Khaki Trousers (2013-03-08)
Another great product with incredibly fast delivery. I look forward to future orders with you!

Howey - US
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