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Great Boots! (2022-05-08)
A bit stiff but thats to be expected. Fit well, good quality.

Bailey - US
Fast Delivery (2021-09-21)
Really impressed with the turnaround and delivery service. Great pair of officers boots, just required some polish etc to get your specific colour choice.

Pearson - UK
Very Good Boots (2021-04-13)
I'm acquiring equipment for reenacting, and all other sites had boots that were to expensive, when I came across these boots I was skeptical at first but when they arrived I was immediately impressed. The quality of the boots are amazing! They also arrived 3 days after I ordered. These boots will forever serve me. I would by them again!

Gideon - United States
Quite nice (2021-01-16)
Finish is nice, and are well made. Very stuff leather that should softer with wear. As adult no half sizes, they are a bit large and I need heel inserts or some leather put on the heel inside.

Olsen - US
British Ammo Boots (2020-06-22)
I thoroughly enjoy wearing these boots. They fit true to size (I have been measured as a size 10R and ordered a size 10) and they are breaking in nicely. I ordered them without hobnails in consideration of wooden floors. At first glance these boots look like casual leather shoes to the untrained eye and I have received compliments about them when worn as part of casual attire. I purchased the boots because they do not appear to look like modern military boots but they still retain the same durability. Thank you WPG for the wonderful product!

Alex - US
Stiff...very stiff (2020-02-01)
Plan on wearing them for a good bit before they loose up a bit but very sturdy construction for a traditional boot.
Leather and stitching were very nice and the rawhide laces are a nice touch.
5+ no worries mate!!!

Bernstein - US
Super (2018-06-25)
Delivered as requested, correct product, received here within remote australia within 10 days or so. Great!

Leck - AU
Super (2018-05-09)
Beautiful and good quality!

Plott - DE
super (2018-04-28)
Beautiful shoes, I have an original pair, if not the wear and tear of time would be the same

pauletto - IT
Great Shoes (2018-03-02)
Beautiful shoes, better than I had hoped. Will get another pair.

Blaylock - US
Super (2018-02-21)
They look good and fit well. Need to give them a few days of ware to see how they feel but have high hopes.

Hobbs - UK
British Officer Ammo Boots (2017-09-11)
A beautiful pair of boots. Another perfect purchase from WPG.

Pastor - US
Best boots I've ever owned (2017-08-19)
These boots are phenomenal. I trekked all over the Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Tetons National Park in them, and they're still kicking. They come with the hobnails removed, so you'll have to put them in. To do that, you'll need one of those anvils shaped like a shoe that are commonplace in antique stores. But these boots are the best I've ever owned.

Skriletz - US
Great quality boots. (2017-02-13)
The shipping time on these was amazing, and these boots are spectacular pieces. They fit like a dream. They run a tad big, so if you're a half size (say 10.5) order a half-size down (10).

Skriletz - US
Very quick/efficient delivery & good VFM (2016-09-13)
Nice fit (should 'wear in' well). After a good 'dubbin/polish' they came up well.

Smith - UK
Great Officer's Boots (2016-07-06)
Very impressed with the speed of delivery, and good pair of boots for the price. Do need some softening, and a bit of braking in, also they look much better with a coat of leather dye.

Townsley - UK
Great Quality (2016-07-04)
I am very pleased with these "boots," really high quarters. They are well constructed of good quality leather. The fit really surprised me. They fit like a glove. Glad I bought them.

Brill - US
fantastic delivery service (2016-05-19)
Great pair of boots.

chappell - UK
British Army Ammo Boots (2015-12-14)
I was very surprised at the quality of their construction and the thickness of the leather used. I wear an orthopaedic insert which I am able to put inside the boot and still have plenty of room. I have not attempted to wear the boots without this insert, and I am not, therefore, sure whether or not they may fit a little large.

As one individual mentioned above, the thickness of the leather engenders a touch of 'breaking in' -- however, instead of wearing them wet (which really does work), I chose to soak them heavily with dubbin, and then drive around with my Land Rover heater on full to soften them up (I have spent far too many days with wet feet, and elected a much more comfortable bedding-in mechanism -- though getting the wet will probably work much more effectively).

The boots are extremely comfortable, and I appreciate a stout leather sole's support. They came with hob-nails and cleats front and rear (though the hobnails are not attached and are optional), and two pairs of leather laces.

Given boots I have purchased from Loaks' or Grenson's, these boots are of not-quite-similar quality, and are, therefore, worth every penny of the $100 (given the $800 price tag of Loaks and Grensons. I chose them to wear as everyday dress boots, but as I live in Canada, I have yet to determine whether or not driving the hobnails in will improve grip in the winter at all.

Firth - CA
Dr. (2015-11-16)
These are a fabulous pair of boots. Well made at a very fair price!

Wheeler - US
British Officer Ammo Boots new) (2015-09-25)
Order shipped quickly. Very good quality for the price. Sizing is correct (size 12). Leather laces replaced with waxed cotton. Toe and heel irons removed and heel replaced with rubber at minimal cost to complete my RFC impression. Another excellent addition to the British line of products.

Kilgore - US
British Officer Ammo Boots (2015-08-26)
Wonderful boots - fab service as always.

lewis - UK
NA (2015-06-08)
Excellent boots, very comfortable, got here so fast at first I had no idea what was in the package. Very pleased.

Cole, L - US
Army Ammo boots WW1 (2015-01-26)
Excellent quality, extras I did not expect, good fit are what I wanted will use this company again/

Crawford - US
Excellent quality boot (2014-12-23)
Great boot for the price. Sized right as well. Stiff as expected but thru use and hot water they are broken in now.
Great value.

Scott - US
British Officer Ammo boots (2014-12-15)
Excellent workmanship and quality. Mine came with toe and heel irons - may be a slip hazard on wet surfaces. Spare laces provided, will need trimming. Quality Control need to check boots before shipping as mine had the number "13" inscribed on the sides - quite obvious when polished. Could detract from future sales if this is common practice by supplier

fawkes - AU
Amazing!! (2014-12-04)
Order came within three days of purchase! Brilliant quality.

Le Grove, C - GB
Mr (2014-11-22)
Well made and exactly as advertised.

Sullivan - US
British Officer Boots (2014-11-11)
Good quality boots, the color is ok, well made, I´m very pleased. and a 5 days delivery....

Brilliant (2014-10-21)
Fast shipping and awesome boots. It''s so tempting to get a second pair. 10w fitted me as I''m UK9 (43EU). I got them for a film job but this is the type of boot that every man should own in his lifetime and identical to my father''s which he kept from WW2. A good bulling with Kiwi and they will make fine best boots too. I really cannot say enough good things about WPG and these boots.

Patrick J. - Ireland
Excellent Boots! (2014-08-27)
They arrived mighty fast, and included a bag with extra laces and the hobnails (heel and toe irons were already attached). Nice fit, nice leather, nice boots.

Michael B - US
British Army Offr Boots ('brahn boots') (2014-07-23)
Beautiful pair of boots, wraxing in nicely and very smart cherried up. These boots are considerably cheaper than anything I have sourced previously and even with postage added are cheaper than any UK equivalent.This has been a very good buy and the service has been impeccable throughout.

corbett - GB
British Army officer ammo boots (2014-07-16)
I am impressed, excellent quality (good leather)hobnails provided, speedy service. Going back to buy the socks on the website now. For the price of the boots and postage combined I could not find leather field boots cheaper than this in the Uk and, believe me, I have been searching!
Good service WPG.

corbett - GB
british boots OK ! (2014-06-09)
Really great british boots.
Very welcome to do my 2014 Normandy road.
thanks !

Herkenrath - FR
DB LEGG (2014-05-29)

legg - GB
Shipping costs too expensive (2014-04-11)
My boots were shipped form the UAE to the UK. These are cheaper than shipping costs form the US - but I was billed as though the boots were shipped form the US. please charge the correct shipping.

Hutchinson - GB
British boots (2014-01-06)
Arrived quickly and are excellent - everything I'd hoped for. Luckily, I have an iron foot for installing the hob nails too!

Thanks, WPG!

Monahan - CA
Andy (2014-01-02)
Excellent. Just what I need for filming in the trenches

Robertshaw - GB
Ammo boots (2013-12-17)
Very good service quick delivery to UK - Good pair of boots

Whittaker - GB
Brit Officer Ammo boots (2013-11-30)
Shipping was very fast, the hobnails and extra laces were very nice. The heel/toe irons were a bit crooked but that should not be a problem. The stitching and construction was solid, although there were a few mistakes, most notably on the bottom of one of the toecaps but it is not really visible so it is okay. There were some marks on the leather but they have come off with use and polish. Overall, this is not Trickers or Aldens by any stretch of the imagination, but a pair of solidly constructed field boots that will probably look better with use.

Bully!!! (2013-11-18)
I originally picked out these boots for a Hiking/ Spelunking trip and what a capital selection this was! possibly the best i''ve ever owned hands down. made of quality leather and easy to break in. my only wish is if i could darken them a little. the current finish slicks off any boot polish i try to apply, but no matter. i see myself wearing these for many adventures in my future

Keoni - Medford, OR USA
ALBERTO,IT (2013-08-27)
Perfect British boots and perfect service!!!!!

British officer ammo boots (2013-05-28)
Well made,very accurate and fast delivery.
Thanks for the great service

nicholls - GB
Great bit of kit! (2013-05-17)
After reading the reviews and used to wearing a British size 12 and U.S size 13 modern military boot, I ordered a U.S size 13 (in the new version of the brown leather officer boot). These fitted me perfectly, although they might be a little slender if you have a wider foot. After ordering on a Wednesday, the boots where with me by the following Friday from the UAE depot. It is worth noting I paid the slightly higher shipping rate and once in the UK the boots were with me in 24 hours. I was impressed they came with spare leather laces and packet of hobnails. After using some high quality shoe scuff treatment cream polish to darken down the bright leather upper, sole and laces, I applied a generous quantity of leather conditioner to soften the boots and sole a little. This worked well and I immediately wore the treated boots at a living history event on the Saturday for three days with no discomfort and plenty of positive comments. Overall, I am very happy with my WPG officers boots and I have recommended them and the WPG quality of service to others.

Jacko - United Kingdom
Mr (2013-04-17)
Very good value for money, really look the part

Ruffell - GB
British Officers Ammo Boots (2013-04-17)
Very pleased with the boots,and service.

Richards - GB
After reading some of the other reviews i bought a size larger then normal size. I found that they are way to big and so have ordered a pair in my normal size. So be careful.

Richards - GB
British boots (2013-03-18)
They appear to be nicely made, although the uppers aren't the best leather. And while I got a bigger size than normal, the area across the toes on the right foot where its stitched is very tight. I'm in the process of stretching them. The delivery was fast and all of my order was correct.



Jackson - US
officers boots (2013-03-07)
comfortable and fit wll - great!

leck - AU
British officer's ammo boots (2013-03-06)
No way: a truly great quality and detail perfection. Fast shipment and nice e-shop. I'm ultra happy with WPG

Max Cappone - IT
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