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Great (2014-12-29)
The color Is a bit to dark and shiny but nothing to worry about especially considering the price (They should fade with use and make the color perfect). Would recommend these to anyone, Please keep in mind I haven't compared these to originals.

Jacob - US
Tanker Coveralls (2014-12-02)
Great quality, dead on reproduction of the originals I own, lining is good weight, texture of cotton twill weave is exact. Great item!

Harris - US
Winter Combat Trousers (2014-11-20)
Good quality and excellent fit. Appears, however, to be a "Type 1" pattern, lacking the "relief" zipper fly, zip / snap closure cuff and front fastened vice sewn suspenders seen on more common examples.

Kose1 - US
yes (2014-09-05)
yes its perfect!

seem - NO
US tanker trousers (2014-02-26)
Good product,and quick shipment.

abramshe - US
mr (2013-11-14)
Good quality has always and very warm just wot i wanted

jenkins - GB
U.S. WWII Tanker Coveralls (2012-11-18)
Good product at an affordable price, with quick shipment.

Zuchowski - US
Super quality (2012-11-05)
Got my replacement (in a box) and the quality is outstanding. Very happy.

Blake - US
very nice (2012-10-23)
Very nice quality product. Unfortunately due to shipping problems came damaged. I an eagerly awaiting a replacement.

Blake - US
Mr. (2012-07-03)
Super fast delivery. Excellent quality at a bargan price.

Ryan - US
Tanker Pants (2011-12-26)
Awesome! Arrived quickly.

Della Porta - US
Pretty good. (2011-12-13)
Fast Shipping, not expensive and looking great.
Only problem I have is that the size is not too large. I would have gone for an XL size if it would have been available, but even for an L size it's smallish.

Smit - NL
US Tanker Overall Trousers (2011-07-24)
Very fast shipping,Excellent quality. One of the best reproductions.

US Tanker Overall Trousers (2009-05-21)
although they came supper fast and they are Excellent quality ?something has to be done with there sizing chart as i wanted an XL to go with my jacket i got last year my jacket has a L size label on it but its a 52in chest so to mach the jacket i thought that i would get a pair of Trousers in XL but they only fit up to 42in why don't they get there act together and make a set ITS NOT WPG FAULT BUT THE COMPANY THAT MAKE THEM FOR WPG .Jerry at WPG could not have been more helpfull over this and is a frist glass guy to deal with thanks :pete

scally - GB
Feed back (2009-05-18)

Tanker overalls are absolutely great. Thanks for another fine item.

Chuck Shook

shook - US
Winter Combat/Tanker pants (2008-01-20)
I compared these to an original pair. The color, weight of the material, and the quality of construction are almost indistinguishable. Best set of repros I have ever seen. Outstanding Job.

Mike - Nebraska, USA
Outstanding item (2007-12-14)
Excellent quality. One of the best reproductions I''ve ever seen.

Randy - Iowa
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