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Hit or miss (2023-07-19)
I'd wait until the next run to grab one of these or get ready to do some soldering. The metal is nice and sturdy, but mine came unsoldered and leaking badly. Customer service said it was a known issue for this run. It oddly did come with a KD cover even though the description said it wouldn't. But the cover is pretty poor quality so I'd count on getting a better replacement anyway.

Daniel - CA
mess tin and cover (2023-06-26)
Item arrived quickly with the cover even though it said the cover was not included 5 stars

Isaiah - Texas
Great quality (2022-06-04)
I do have to say the mess tin is great quality and held up realy well it’s twice as good a the SOF set which is galvanised but this set is amazing and good quality. Would definitely recommend 👍

Sam - Uk
Great quality (2022-06-04)
I do have to say the mess tin is great quality and held up realy well it’s twice as good a the SOF set which is galvanised but this set is amazing and good quality. Would definitely recommend 👍

Sam - Uk
Amazing fast delivery (2022-01-04)
It arrived with a good size dent on the top and hard to open, but it adds character, not sure how to get it open easier

Ryan - US
Great gear (2021-12-02)
Great gear and fast service! Thanks

Traxler - US
Was there a cover? (2021-05-04)
I believe this is supposed to come with the mess tin AND cover but unfortunately I only received the mess tin and there was no cover to be found which was quite a disappointment but other than that the mess tin looks really nice, a bit dirty but I guess that just adds to the nice used out look. Very happy with the mess tin and shipping speed but I am confused about the cover...

Jacques - AU
fast delivery (2021-05-03)
The only problem I have is that the button was sewed on the the cover after it was closed, making the button very tight to get through the button hole which I damaged trying to open the cover.

Crofts - UK
Sturdy construction and good value (2021-03-16)
The mess tin arrived quickly and was in good condition, and the fact that it comes with a cover presents excellent value for money. Unlike other replicas I would consider this sturdy enough to use for cooking and eating.

Adams - UK
Great Mess Kit (2020-12-26)
Great quality and good price. Rounds out my kit. Very fast international shipping.

Enfield 577 - CA
Exceptionally Good Quality (2020-07-29)
I was amazed at how far and how fast this item was delivered, The quality of the Item exceeded my expectations.

Hammer - US
Good service as always (2019-12-08)
Ordered as set of British WW1 mess tins, arrived well packaged, the items are good quality.Great service from UAE warehouse.

Yockney - UK
Great service once more (2019-11-18)
Thanks Gents! As usual great service and customer care!

otmar - US
finally a good mess tin D (2019-10-13)

very good reproduction of quality we are getting closer to the original model

Stephen - BE
Nice and durable (2019-10-10)
Very accurate, strong product.

Arnaud - FR
Stellar service! (2019-04-06)
You know a firm by its service commitment! WPG is the kind of company that you can count on when there is a problem! It’s always fine when everything goes as planned however these gentleman can be counted on to make life’s little inconveniences with their products 100% right! I have many WPG products and the have always been a great value!

otmar - US
nice (2018-10-26)
Looks and works great

Isenhart - US
Great Quality and Fast Delivery (2018-04-15)
I was very happy with both the quality and delivery speed!! I will definitely order from them again.

Shoemaker - US
Nice Piece of Kit (2018-04-04)
Used for eating chow in the field during re-enactments. Ordering was easy, delivery quick and product looks great.
Nice work Jerry!

McCabe - US
Great Product & Customer Service (2018-04-03)
The people at WPG have fantastic customer service. It is almost as if they are loading the items you are ordering in the shipping box while you are still selecting it on the computer. I have purchased many items in the past that I have used doing ceremonies for the National Park Service. Always very authentic and great quality.

stallings - US
Fast Delivery (2017-08-23)
Good item, it was a bit dirty on the inside with finger prints from the person that fabricated it, would be nice if it was cleaned prior to shipping. I will have to do some work with the button on the canvas cover, it is sewn too tightly on and very difficult to release through the button hole. The brass button itself is actually a bit to sharp-edges and tore through the threading around the button hole. I may find a better button to replace the original one.

Corsetti - CA
Will be a Return Customer (2017-03-07)
Arrived in good time. Great addition for my Aussie WW1 Equipment display.

Durrant - AU
Curator Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum (2017-01-23)
Great uniforms. Looking forward to having two cadets on parade with on. And later on display.

Gallant - CA
Awesome! (2016-12-27)
Great job! Fast delivery and perfect condition.

Steorts - US
super' (2016-08-03)
merci très rapide ! bonne qualité merci

Better than most repros. (2016-04-10)
A pain in the butt to open and close. Other than that, its ok.

Alatorre - US
good product (2016-01-27)
Very good product and flash delivery, thanks a lot, Hugh

mess tin (2015-12-28)
real nice mess tin

Ambrose - US
WW1 ITEMS (2015-10-08)
ww1 mess tins and officers bag arrived before i expected and i was impressed with how well the items where made, will use this firm again

butcher - UK
WW1 British Mess Tin (2015-02-18)
New reproduction mess tin with new reproduction cover. I am very happy with the item and the price.

Senzig - US
UK mess tin (2015-02-07)
Great quality at a great price. The cover is much improved from the one I bought a few years ago.

McCleaf - US
British WWI and Earlier Mess Tin (2014-07-22)
Great item, Great price

R Pike - AU
Mr. (2014-05-20)
This mess tin arrived very quickly after my ordering, so two thumbs up. the outside appearance also looks great, another two thumbs up. But looking inside the kit, it is soldered. I'm not sure that it is safe to use as it could be lead solder. No info was sent with it describing if the materials used for construction make it safe/unsafe.

Price - CA
Excellent (2014-02-22)
the whole order arrived on time, it came well packaged, each item was as described, prices are very good, will deal with you again soon

Nicholson - GB
Army mess kit - WWI (2013-12-24)
Delivered on time and received in good condition.

Burt - US
review (2013-09-10)
Great piece. Just need to clean it up to use it.

Snetsinger - CA
Great mess tins! (2013-08-27)
Looks the part, including the cover. Great price and very quick shipping. Always great service from WPG!

Monk - GB
British WWI Mess Tin (2013-07-21)
Higher quality than the picture shows, good show, thanks.

Cole - US
Another awesome piece! (2012-09-17)
Impressed with the look and feel of this mess tin!

Little - US
British Mess Tin (2012-05-09)
Good for price but a but roughly made and wouldn't
actually cook in it.

Williams - AU
mess kit (2012-04-12)
well pleased with kit looking forward to showing to re-enactment group

wilson - AU
Messtin (2012-03-18)
I love the mess Tin. I'm trying to get a Boer War outfit together and while I've been doing my research your company has been my NUMBER ONE dealer in products of quality and speed of delivery. You guys are REALLY on the ball. I haven't seen this kind of excellent service in a LONG time.

People spend their money far too often for bad service and don't often return... I think in the last month I have spent near $1000 USD on your products due to the fact that it's GREAT quality and GREAT service. Keep up the good work!!!

Wadkins - US
Mess Tin (2012-01-14)
Excellent repro and fast shipping as usual. Great piece for the price.

Guidobono - US
mess tin (2011-11-15)
nice to see such good reproductions being made to compliment the expierence of what the solders used

Johnson - AU
ww1 mess tin (2011-09-27)
order arrived yesterday mess tin is of a good standard and will serve me well and cheaper than local retailer

Johnson - AU
Brit WW1 Mess Kit (2011-09-14)
I purchased this item for my friend who lives in Kent, UK. He is over the moon about it. The mess tin will compliment his Tommy uniform and is sure to be a hit at our Rememberance Day event in Belgium this November.

Slesser - US
mess tin WW1 (2011-08-05)
very fast shipping. great looking piece. fits perfectly with the other pieces of WW1 kit.

Hutchison - CA
uk mess ww1 tin (2011-07-17)
great , beautifull good thank you

Mess tin (2011-05-05)
A nice piece of kit. The lid's a bit of a struggle to get off, but that should ease with use. Very quick delivery. Recommended.

Wedge - GB
tins (2011-04-19)
Great quality, far better than SoF, and great to use for soldiers stew! (after a good clean though)

Crichton - Scotland
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