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Just as good as the khaki one, but in green (2021-06-17)
Bought this as a companion piece for the khaki aertex shirt I already own, along with several other items to expand my wardrobe of early 20th century "adventurer" type clothes.

Functionally, the shirt is exactly the same as my khaki drill one, but in a vibrant British jungle green and I expect it to serve identically well to my older khaki aertex shirt. I would compare the color more favorably to the tan-green of old German BW moleskin uniforms, than to the US OD green.

It should be noted there *are some other* differences in the Jungle Aertex shirt that differentiate it from the Khaki version—although these are purely cosmetic and might be unique to my particular example.

Firstly, the rear tail of the green shirt is slightly longer than the one on my khaki shirt. About an inch longer, I want to say. Though seeing as how these shirts are meant to be tucked into pants where the shirt ends would be hidden (or tailored) this isn't really a big deal.

Secondly, the sleeve cuff closures...they're mirrored. As in, the buttons on the cuff and their corresponding button holes have switched places. When the shirt is worn, the cuff button hole is facing the inside of the body, with the sleeve buttons facing out away from the body prior to being buttoned. This is opposite the khaki shirt, which has the cuff's *buttons* on the inside, and the cuff button *hole* facing the outside.

In fact, this green shirt is the ONLY shirt in my entire closet that has this mirrored cuff-closure setup, hence my initial confusion when my muscle memory kicked in. And I honestly cannot tell if this is unique to my particular model, or if the real UK jungle green shirts were designed like that.

However, as stated earlier, these differences are only cosmetic and have no bearing on the actual function of the garment—hence why I have not taken off any stars.

James - United States
This is an amazing shirt (2021-04-15)
The cut is a bit long, but a good hot wash will solve that. The finish and comfort one this is absolutely amazing. Kept me cool on a long hike and it looks stylish as can be. Definitely will be picking another one up at some point. Jerry does it again!

Adam - United States
Super fast delivery great products (2021-02-13)
A great shirt good pattern good price quick delivery

Parsons - UK
Excellent Quality (2020-08-12)
I already have one and was so impressed I ordered another one. That says it all. And excellent service.

Richardson - US
Why can I only give these 5 stars?? (2020-07-21)
These are now my favorite shirts!
I’ve NEVER had to iron these and they always look sharp.
Not to mention still comfy as all getout in the blast furnace that California becomes every summer!

Boido - US
Good hot weather fabric (2020-07-20)
I use these shirts for hiking and outdoor activities. The’re perfect for hot climates. The color is more of an olive than jungle green.

J - US
Great shirt. (2020-05-26)
Very satisfied, fast delivery.

Nance  - US
Fast delievery (2020-05-11)
Very good quality,

Johnson - NZ
Satisfaction (2019-12-29)
Comme a l'accoutumée, la qualité de reproduction et de fabrication sont au rendez-vous.

Aertex Shirts (2019-08-28)
Both the khaki and jungle green versions of this shirt are the most comfortable hot-weather shirts I ever wore.

Pohlers - US
Beautiful (2019-07-05)
Beatiful shirt. Very satisfied of the purchase.
Thank you!

Grimoldi - IT
Arrived very quickly (2019-04-01)
Size runs small. Cuffs and sleeves are very tight. More of a brown color than green. Gussets at cuffs and hem are very large so that even when you button the cuffs, there are large open areas on your wrist.

Seager - US
Good quality product (2019-02-26)
Exactly as described

Moss - CA
Super (2018-09-28)
Very satisfied. DHL actually delivered on day they said they would...

Buchner - US
correct (2018-09-02)

Hernandez - ES
Jungle Green Aertex Shirt (2017-10-04)
Beautiful shirt, but missing the epaulets...

Brasília, Brasil - Fernando Augusto
Excellent (2014-03-23)
The materials and worksmanship is fantastic.

Cesar - Brazil
Jungle shirt (2014-02-25)
I had to have one... and the price was right. I ordered several sizes large because I like oversized loose fitting clothes. The oversize shirt fits well in the sleeves, but barely, and it is short-tailed. I will have to wash it in cold water. These items run small. They are not for large people, just like many of the original military items. WPG should work to overcome this. On the positive side, the fabric and construction are superb.

Henklein - US
Joel (2011-04-07)
It looks super and will be great with the
kilt. A working shirt if I ever saw one.
Quality is superb and the ordering process
is very good indeed.

LaMarre - US
Jungel shirt (2011-03-28)
It looks and feals great cant wait to wear it this summer when im out at the bunker with the lads they will be sweating and ill be cool as cucumbers.

Taylor - CA
Simon (2010-05-11)
Very good quality product, very similar to the issue ones in my possetion although slightly lighter weight material. all in all a good value buy

Lovell-Smith - GB
UK Aertex tropical Jungle Green shirt (2010-04-08)
Finest quality construction and overall finish, but not for tall people. I wear a 16x35 in a mans shirt, and found the sleaves way too short. The shirt shrinks after washing as well. Would love to have one, if you decide to make some longer sizes. I gave the one I purchased to a friend of modest stature, he digs it!

Paul - US
J.G. Aertex Shirt (2010-03-31)
Excellent shirt, just what I wanted.
Lightning fast delivery- ordered Saturday, arrived the next Friday in U.K., and no Tax to pay!

Rose - GB
Jungle Greens (2010-03-05)
Took advantage of the close out special. Really like this shirt

fletcher - ZA
Happy!! (2009-11-09)
Recieved this shirt, and also the jungle green jacket and trousers, and very happy with them, great value and no hassle with shipping, will buy more from WPG in future!!

Geoghegan - IE
Aertex Jungle shirt (2009-10-30)
Perfect fit and shipping was nothing short of amazing. Ordered Th and received Tu.... Outstanding. The ammo boots with shirt and some other pants I have will work for an Irish in the Congo Impression thru Aussie in Vietnam.

Oberle - US
Service (2009-10-20)
6 days from order to delivery including a weekend, fitted just right and great quality. Can't praise WPG enough, thanks.

Gavin - GB
JG shirt (2009-08-22)
Fast delivery. Perfect fit.

Godi - US
UK Aertex tropical Jungle Green shirt (2009-01-22)
Outstanding quality and finish!

Elliott - UK