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Every day wear (2022-12-19)
This is perfect for everyday wear. Shipping is so fast!

Bailey - US
Great price, quick shipping. (2021-08-27)
I bought this partly for the history, but also because I was headed out to the field for a training exercise and didn’t want my watch face getting scratched. It did a great job and I got some compliments on it as well.

Woodard - US
Delivery was one day early (2019-07-18)
Excellent quality very pleased with the product

marquez - US
Blown away (2019-02-03)
This is just lie the original my grandfather had, don’t be fooled by the price, it’s very well made.

Lee - US
Watch band (2019-02-01)
Really quality watch band. However the straps are too thick to fit through or around your watch. I had to adjusted by cutting the thickness around where the watch would be held and then putting the watch pins back into hold it onto the band. Works great now

D.b. - U.S.
Hard to find item, very nice! (2018-05-01)
I have thick wrists, this fit well on me. Nicely painted buckle, well-made crowned leather dome, and fast delivery. I am pleased!

Blum - US
This is perfect!! (2018-04-13)
I'm very satisfied with the purchase, it's a very good replica and with high quality materials.
I'm very happy with it

Moreno - ES
Covered leather watchband (2014-12-18)
I recently bought a new one to replace the one I had ordered back in 2010, that was finally wearing out. The new ones are for much smaller watches, and my current watch will not fit the new one. I will keep it and buy a woman''s/boys watch with a ~32mm diameter to fit.

Terry - Eastport, Maine USA
US M1937 Early War Mustard Wool Shirt (2014-03-09)
Well made. Sleeve, neck and across shoulders were spot on. Very loose in the body. Will need some tailoring.

Krupa - US
US Leather Watchband with Cover (2014-02-04)
Was a bit small for my A-11 watch, but some Dubbin helped to squeeze it in and now it's fine. Otherwise, well made and at a good price.

Nurden - ZA
Great! (2013-12-19)
Great quality. Thanks

Denis Kurashko - RU
Watch Bands (2013-12-02)
Nice finish, and we'll made ... using the band's for all of WWII watches that I have restored.

Koloc - US
Watch band (2013-08-06)
As good as I could have hoped for. Great product - QUICKLY SHIPPED! Will definitely buy other items. Very pleased!

Rizzo - US
Nice repro maybe a little short sträp for ell built men, titted me though (2013-03-06)
Nice repro maybe a little short sträp for ell built men, titted me though

Bergstrom - SE
Watch band (2013-06-01)
Nice looking band. Runs a bit log ~ 10 inches which is a + or - depending on wrist size. Quality decent and it is an unusual strap. Will not work for newer watches as looks like 33-35 mm watch would fit inside cover.

plazadetoros93 - US
Blonde (2012-11-23)
Very good quality,Thank you

Blonde - BE
Watchcover (2012-11-22)
Too bad that my watch does not fit (34mm). Have to buy a smaller watch (30-32mm). Even the strap is a little too thick. Pity it was not mentioned in the description. The rest of the description is correct. Very fast delivery. Anyway a decent watchcover

Schulmer - BE
Watch Cover (2012-09-11)
Well made and practical

Brackett - US
leather watch band with cover (2012-09-09)
Another great quality reproduction from WPG, I'm hooked will return for more and recommend WPG. Thanks

greganti - CA
Mr (2012-06-21)
Great product, but sadly a couple of holes short for my wrists-will need to extend somehow
Will definately use the site again
Bruce Hewett

Hewett - GB
Perfect. (2012-03-22)

Fletcher - ES
Watchband (2012-02-18)
This item looks great and worked perfectly!

John - WI/USA
watch bands (2012-01-08)
al went fast, quick mailing, item as described

Johnson - US
watch band (2012-01-04)
Looks perfect with my bulova

Schlomacher - DE
US Leather Watchband with Cover (2011-11-10)
I picked this one up for a friend and liked it so much that I am planning to order one for myself! Nice Leather!

Tom - US
Great! (2011-09-28)
"Looks like the real thing!" Very nice, and my 1940s watch fits fine! Thanks WPG

Boyd - Florida
Great (2011-07-11)
Great watch band. As always.

Den - RU
Mr (2011-07-02)
Awesome watchband, Very happy with it!

Bennett - NZ
A bit small (2011-02-16)
The watch band looks great but I have a problem cause it´s to small for me !

Hambammer - AT
Great! (2011-02-02)
Great, as usual! Thanks.

Kurashko - RU
leather watch band (2010-12-19)
Thank-you for the lightning fast shipping, Hubby will love it as he wore out his first one and needed a replacement.

DeCroix - US
leather watch band (2010-12-19)
Thank-you for the lightning fast shipping, Hubby will love it as he wore out his first one and needed a replacement.

DeCroix - US
mr (2010-11-23)
very good

roberto - SM
Great (2010-11-03)
Great item, fits well.

Kurashko - RU
Leather Wrist Band (2010-10-28)
Nice band, will protect my period watch nicely.

Lawrence - US
WWII Paratrooper Watch Band w./Cover (2010-10-24)
This is a beauty. I can't take my eyes off of it. I remember the originals being sold in men's magazines back in the late 50's early 60's (o.k., when I was a kid!). These people that can't get their modern watches to fit are not applying the proper technique. Put the watch in the case. Squash down the band with the pin on one side, until it clicks. Then really PUSH until the other side clicks. I have a good size 1 5/8 " (about 40 mm)Timex in it right now. It looks great!

Speer - US
Leather covered watchband (2010-09-11)
I've been looking for one for years. Last time I found any was when I worked as a volunteer on a kibbutz back in the 70s. Been looking ever since. Fits my watch well. I'll have to order another one to have as back-up.
Fast turn around.

Pratt - US
Great (2010-06-30)
Great Product! I''m glad I got it!!

Bruikman - NL
Fast Shipping (2010-06-15)
This looks great. Just like one I saw in a friend's collection.

Williamson - US
Watchband (2010-06-10)
Fit me perfect and my Benrus watch as well! Highly recommended to protecting your watch out in the field.

Gaynor - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
just put my Elgin watch in it and it is perfect.

It's a real sharp item! (2010-05-20)
Great Product! My third one, people keep trade me for it!! I'll probably end up getting more in the future. Still very well made and robust. Good enough to wear in Iraq & Afganistan!!

Bransford - US
Brilliant (2010-05-18)
can''t wait to put my Elgin watch in it. Really good quality and super fast service and delivery.

Alan - Wales UK
US Leather Watchband with Cover (2010-05-01)
Very good and looks great. On the hunt now for a watch to fit.

Cole - GB
Watch cover (2010-04-28)
I think it was well made for the money!!!!Great job and looks outstanding!!!!

Lavin - US
Covered Watchband (2010-04-04)
Sir, the covered watchband is as good a copy as I have ever seen. The only fault I found was the placement of the snap on the cover was about ¼ inch off. It bunches up but it can be lived with.

Dabney - US
Leather Watchband Cover (2010-02-27)
There is nothing like it made by anyone, so any comments I make are prefaced with again- there is nothing like it anywhere. With that said, the size was very large for someone with small wrists, so I had to restitch the strap after cutting in down over an inch. The snap on the cover did not line up with the half on the strap, so there is a bit of a bend in the cover, and that even took in the overall bend of the watch cover over my wrist. Despite the inherent problems with one-size-fits-all, the piece is pretty good, and I'm sure with time the leather will soften up and the snap allignment issues wont be so bad.

Dibble - US
Watchband (2010-02-02)
Excellent, fits my 1943 Waltham very well.

Henk - NL
US Leather Watchband with Cover (2010-01-12)
Thank you very much. Very quick shipment to Germany. Only a few days and perfect goods. Looking forward to deal again with you.

kind regards from MUNICH

Hahn - DE
Excellent reproduction (2010-01-07)
great, does the job its made to do.

Chris - NZ
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