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livraison rapide (2023-01-03)
Bed roll de qualité que je vais utiliser pour mes randonnées à cheval.
Dommage que les frais d'expédition soient si élevés.
Continuez de nous proposer des objets de cette qualité

Exceptional Quality (2022-10-25)
Bought my bedroll way back in 2016 and still use if for everything from living history to actual military exercises. Adjusted my fit out of the bedroll over the years and am really happy with how comfortable, warm and dry it is. Also handles being thrown into my 1943 Jeep and bounced around in the back. Easily one of the best pieces of kit I've owned.

Red - Australia
Amazing product (2022-10-01)
Purchased this to use for a British display and have ended up fudging historical accuracy a bit to use in all of my kits

Fantastically comfortable and easy to set up.

Need to provide your own blankets to stuff it with but I have 5 blankets and a pillow in mine and it is still very portable and relatively compact for how useful it is

Very much recommend

Dylan - Illinois
very high quality.. (2020-02-26)

Illes - US
Good quality bedroll (2018-01-02)
This was requested as a Christmas present, easy to order and good delivery time - unfortunately living in the UK, delivery plus the Royal Mail charge almost doubled the cost.
Arrived well packed and the recipient was very pleased.

Browne - UK
Fantastic Product (2017-10-17)
As usual, WPG has out done themselves. This bedroll is exceptionally made, the quality is just fantastic. Pricey yes, but worth every penny.wi

Werner - US
Great bedroll (2017-06-24)
Fast shiping , great quality, am buying again from this site!

chagnon  - CA
What a GREAT bedroll! (2016-05-25)
In case anyone is wondering: The dimensions of my bedroll when it was fully "loaded" with a full sized Pendleton blanket (folded in thirds), a Thermarest pad, a SnugSafe jungle sleeping bag, and a microfleece full-sized inner blanket folded in half was (when rolled up and buckled with the straps 14" tall and 30" long.

Unrolled it was 72" long from top of the "pillow roll" at the head to the bottom of the foot pocket at the far end.

Opened flat it is 72" long and 70" wide.

Very durable canvas with brass grommets, webbed cotton straps for flap ties, leather trim, lether "keepers" sewn to the canvas to keep the straps in place once attached and the bedroll is rolled.The straps are VERY long, but from what I have read, the officers would put EVERYTHING they owned (one even stashed a folding cot in the roll!) inside and then roll it up and fasten the straps, so you had to have long ends. I suppose you could cut them shorter if you really had to, but it is always better to have too long a strap than one that is too short.

I plan to use this bedroll for car camping in the mountain west where I live....more fun and cozy than a grubby old synthetic sleeping bag any time. With the durability and great construction of this thing, it should last out MY lifetime!

Burhenn - US
Quality construction (2015-08-31)
I got this for classic old-school camping, hunting and for use when tending my smoker over night. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality and heavy-duty construction. No worries if sparks hit it. The bedroll easily accommodated two Italian Officer's 100% heavy duty wool blankets and still made a fairly compact (but somewhat heavy) package. Anyone contemplating cowboy camping would appreciate this product. Would easily fit on a saddle or in the back of a truck or utv. I highly recommend it.

Allen - US
Officer's bedroll (2015-02-18)
I got this for camping. Wow, you could pack an elephant in it. It's big. It will be great for transporting uniforms too. And I can even sleep in it!

Soper - CA
Tip top. (2014-12-23)
Really rather good indeed! Having wanted one to accompany the other bits of my Great War officer's clobber, and wanted one I could use without fear of damaging a period piece, the reproduction one fulfils one's needs marvellously. Highly recommended!

P. Smith-Keary - GB
Very nice repro of a little-known piece of equipment (2014-04-03)
Great repro of the Wolseley Valise, an officer''s private-purchase combination bedding roll and kit bag.

WPG''s offering is very well made, and the colour of the canvas is closer to the repro shades of US WWII khaki rather than the original WWII-era and later offensive bright green canvas of the original - a nice touch.

The leather straps are exceptionally rugged and could lift a loaded Bren gun carrier.

The leather binding adds a touch of class and will darken and polish up with age and use.

All up a great item which is useable as a bed roll in the field, but be aware that the cover will only come up to most people''s neck, so rain protection is very limited.

Speaking of rain protection... if you''re planning on using the bedroll in the field and would like to capitalise on the water resistant nature of the canvas, then soak the bed roll in a bathtub full of water for a few hours, then dry in the shade. Do this twice in a row and you''ll make the bed roll water repellant. DO NOT oil or wax your bed roll, because although waterproof, it will be far too heavy for your poor batman to carry for any great distance.

thejungleisneutral - Australia
Sgt. Bull (2012-09-12)
Simply perfect!

Braeuer - DE
Officer''s Valise (2012-01-03)
This is first class piece of kit, matching originals which I have seen. It is made of very stout canvas and what appears to be elephant leather! It is capacious and can contain the amount of kit listed for an officer in the 1914 Field Service Pocket Book. It can also serve as a sleeping bag, though primitiver by today''s standards. It is very far from lightweight! All in all, excellent!

Jon H - Ireland
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