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Great Handle! (2022-02-17)
This fits an original shovel head really well. The wood was nice, the metal end piece came a little rusty looking but I will probably slap some black paint on it.

Eric - US
Much Needed Repro (2021-02-08)
I am really glad that WPG offers these! Originals are getting really tough to find, these are very close and are an extremely fair price!

DiMinno - US
Near perfect! (2020-08-02)
I have an original entrenching tool head dated 1915, and WPG's tool helve fits it perfectly. I will probably sand and darken the wood just a bit, not because it needs it—I just enjoy messing with stuff after it arrives. It arrived very promptly,BTW.

Grosvenor - US
UK P37 E Tool Handle (2020-05-30)
Product is very well made but a harder wool, would be more suitable. Fits into shovel nicely. Shipping was quick and reasonable.

Kyle - CA
good items. (2020-04-22)
very good items.

lee - KR
Fits the role well with slight modification. (2020-04-07)
The helve I received needed a bit of sanding with fine grit sandpaper in order to make it not rough up my tool carriers, but it looks really nice and fits the head better than the 1944 original that I also purchased from WPG (probably due to all the paint missing on the original). The helve was also slightly curved, but I think that is more how the wood itself cured instead of how it was prepared by the manufacturer. Overall, great reproduction for the price and shipping cost/time!

Hocking - US
Awesome service (2020-03-05)
Perfect transaction, very professional service, great communication and item arrived early. Can’t say enough about them. Many thanks!

Jutras - US
Fast Delivery (2020-02-26)
Everything was fine I'm very pleased with everything I bought !Everything came in very rapidly

Robson - AU
Very good reproduction (2019-10-06)
Great stuff from WPG every time.

Martin - AU
Item as desribed,v fast delivery (2019-01-30)
Very helpfull and efficient company

Quality Item (2017-12-10)
The handles are well made and fit the original P37 shovel heads nicely.

Kyle - CA
Very good likeness (2017-05-07)
I compared this to an original and it is a very close likeness.

Kyle - CA
Repro Entrenching Tool Handle (2014-11-14)
Very good reproduction. Guess you were out of the originals advertised as available. NPs, though. No one will know. Thank you for the speedy delivery.

Moll - CA
Equipment purchase (2014-08-01)
Nicely done! Just as advertised.

Clark - US
Mr (2014-04-01)
Very sturdy reproduction, goes well with my kit.

Pool - US
UK P08 Entrenching Tool Handle (Reproduction) feedback (2013-11-28)
good reproduction, thank you for the speedy delivery.

Lee - HK
Cool (2013-10-26)
Very good reproduction and it goes well with the rest of my kit.

Robinson - AU
feedback (2013-09-24)
fits my origional 08 entrenching tool and cover perfect thank you

kuipers - NL
review (2013-09-10)
Looks great and works great as well.

Snetsinger - CA
tool handle (2013-05-27)
very happy thank you

michel - CA
Etool (2013-03-06)
Very Happy with the handle. Fast shipping and a quality product.

Smith - US
E tool handle British (2012-12-11)
Very nice reproduction and as always excellent service

Guidobono - US
British E-tool Handle (2012-09-25)
Great copy of the British e-tool handle. I only have one original, and the repro is spot on. In fact, the wood was a little thicker & heavier. I actually prefer this, as I don''t reenact, but use the tool for gardening. For actual usage, you can''t beat this e-tool handle!

Jedediah the Gyrocaptain - Northern Illinois
Pattern P08 handles (2012-07-16)
Excellent product, I am very pleased. I have used this company before and can recommend their complete package. They keep you informed throughout and you can have complete confidence in them. I have purchased another consignment and once again as befor. Tim R Armitage

Armitage - GB
E tool handle (2012-05-23)
Great repro, a fraction skinnier that original but work just fine. Never have any issues with WPG!!!

Radford - AU
Mr. (2012-03-27)
Not a bad repro, the fit of the metal ends could be better and the sharft should be of elm of hickory and about a 1/2 inch longer. But they are OK and they fit the heads fine and correctly. I got 10 and will reorder if they move. Shipping was fast, packing OK.

Marshman - AU
beautiful (2012-02-08)
I know its a simple item. But its Just perfect. Fits beautiful in the webbing and head!

Keller - IE
E Tool handle (2012-01-24)
Very well made, great replacement to keep my original from being trashed.

Armbruster - US
Tim R Armitage (2011-12-21)
Quite superb from being to end, excellent product, very fast delivery. I have used this company a good deal and cannot fault them. Tim R Armitage

Armitage - GB
Mr (2011-11-02)
Excellent product, I am very pleased. I have used this company before and can recommend their complete package. They keep you informed throughout and you can have complete confidence in them. Tim R Armitage

Tim R Armitage - GB
Entrenching tool handle (2011-08-28)
Very pleased with it and fast delivery

Green - NZ
P 08 entrenching tool repro (2011-07-28)
Bought three of these. All needed a little work to make them fit as the nails securing the metal sleeve protruded 2mm. I filed these down no problem. The wood handles on all had a diameter measurement around 20% smaller than originals and was not very good quality with knots in the wood and manufacturing tool marks. Still ok for the price.

Bell - AU
helve (2011-05-05)
A near match for my WWII ventage helves - but quite. Metal is about the same - handle about 1/4 inch shorter and just a bit less in circumference. However it fits fine into the entrenching tool.

Harmon - US
UK P08 Entrenching Tool Handle (Reproduction) (2011-03-25)
more and less

casariego - ES
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