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Beautiful and well constructed (2018-03-25)
An absolute beautiful piece. I’d buy from these guys again for sure.

Shirey - US
US Cavalry and Mounted Troops Saddle Cloth (2016-04-05)
This saddle cloth is a fine reproduction. It's made of quality material, and is correctly sized. It's a near perfect copy of an original, and I own an original so I can make that statement. Well done Jerry. Keep up the good work.

Mark - Connecticut
US Cavalry and Mounted Troops Saddle Cloth (2015-11-07)
Mine is large enough to use with my M1917 Officers Saddle. A little Neats Foot Oil on the leather, and let it age by normal use. Well made for regular use.

Foster - US
Shabraque (2014-12-14)
This shabraque would fit a pony, not a horse, it is very small.

Dionne - CA
Saddle Cloth (2012-09-11)
Very well made for practical horseman

Brackett - US