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Great leggings (2021-07-03)
Super fast shipping and great fit. Another outstanding WPG product. Thanks.

palmer - US
fast delivery (2020-03-23)
the order was fast and efficient. Great, Thanks R Davis

Davis - US
Perfect Fit (2019-10-25)
Quickly shipped and a perfect fit! Thanks again WPG!

Matty - US
Fast shipping, excellent product! (2019-04-29)
Very good quality product! Even though size 1 is the smaller, it's still slightly too big for my calves.

Takerkart - CA
Very prompt delivery (2019-04-27)
Hiking across the prairie in Wyoming I think these leggings will provide good protection. Quality item.

Loseke - US
Very well pleased. (2019-03-26)
I purchased these for my AEF impression in size 1; which fit my 17" calves very well. The appearance and construction of these leggings are also very authentic to the period. I would recommend these to others when puttees arn't practical or appropriate.

Birch - US
Good Product (2018-06-01)
Shipping took a little bit but for understandable reasons. Size 1 was too big for me and my skinny legs but it was fairly easy to retailor them to my size. The construction is excellent and seem like it will hold together for a while.

Noack - US
Khaki 1910 Leggins (2018-03-14)
Wajed got a size "1" back to me within a week. They fit fine. Just goes to show that these run huge. If you have a calf less than 18" then you need a size "1". Thanks WPG. I got what I needed, and didn't have to wait very long. Excellent is routine for WPG.

Speer - US
M1910 Khaki Leggins (2018-02-19)
WPG is the only source that I know of for the khaki M1910. I have the pea green M1910s that I wear with my USMC impression. I need these, however, for my M1912 khaki summer uniform. I ordered a size "3" because I generally wear a 16 - 17" calf diameter. The size three (stamped as such) was easily 9" across. I had to return them, because they slid down my legs. I haven't got the replacements yet. I asked Wajed to measure them, just to be sure.

Speer - US
very fast delivery (2018-01-26)
Well made, perfect color, material, well done in every way, attention to detail down to the inner ties.

soileau - US