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Fast delivery! (2023-12-30)
The construction and fit are excellent.

Great (2023-02-16)
More like a wool flannel, but that was a pleasant surprise

Geiger - US
Very nice (2023-02-16)
Arrived just in time because the day after I received it we had two days of hard rain

Geiger - US
Super Fast Delivery (2021-09-21)
Excellent quality and super fast delivery!

Faust - USA
Pleased (2021-01-08)
Amazing shipping time and great quality!

MacKenzie - NZ
Happy (2018-11-12)
Have to confess that I'm not a horse rider and merely a fan of vintage wear. With that mind, I'm very happy with the rain coat on both a practical and design perspective.

Being 6ft 4', was concerned that the medium size might be too small but it fits perfectly.

Great work!

Alexander - CA
Raincoat is awesome (2018-04-10)
I got the XL size and at 6-3 this coat fits with space to spare, plus two set of claps, loving the coat, taking it to my first event of the year this weekend and yes we are excepting some rain, so I can see how it holds up.

Browne - US
fast delivery (2018-01-09)
Very nice item, very good material. I'm not an expert but the mounted raincoat haven't a hole on the left side for the saber? For a complete extra repro. I'm still very happy of it. Thank you again.

Di - FR
well made plenty big (2017-11-17)
As usual a fine product. Very heavy material, the buckles seem a bit light duty but should be OK. I am 6'5" and 260# and it is plenty big enough even with winter clothing under. I'm not expert but as far as I can see it is true to the originals.

Jon - US
US M1908 Mounted Pattern Raincoat for Cavalry (2017-11-13)
Well made of strong materials. Generous fit to cover tack as well as rider. Another great one. Thanks Jerry!

Burns - US
US M1908 Mounted Pattern Raincoat for Cavalry (2017-11-09)
This item is outstanding. I can not wait to use it while riding. Some of my equestrian friends who do not reenact are considering picking one up just for riding. Sturdy construction as well as a good copy of the originals.

Maddox - US
Mounted Slicker (Raincoat) (2017-11-06)
I am most pleased! This is a great repro of a much needed item for mounted troops. Of course, it was also issued to dismounted troops in early 1918 up to mid Summer when the dismounted raincoats became general issue. I have just worn this in the field, and it performed awesomely. My only complaint would be that the fasteners don't seem very heavy and lack the reinforcing behind the rivets. I fear that that may be a possible point of future failure. Still, a great product.

Brian - Virginia, USA
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