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Outstanding in all areas (2024-04-10)
I honestly didn't expect it to be as good as it is. It is a very faithful recreation of the slangvel para jacket in my eyes. The material is sturdy, it's warm enough and I just can't sleep without wearing it at least once a day. It goes very well with my SADF Web belt too (naturally). Overall I'm very impressed and satisfied with everything from delivery, feedback and the quality of the product. Can't wait to see what else comes out.

Eric - ZA
Excellent (2023-05-27)
Excellent quality. I typically wear a size 40 jacket and ordered this size. After washing/drying the fit is comparable to an over shirt, or men’s suit jacket, or sports coat. It’s does not fit as loose as a typical field jacket on me. Still, I think I like the fit as is. It is fine across the shoulders and chest. Very happy with this purchase.

David - United States
Definitely would recommend. (2021-09-28)
The product is great. I am very pleased with the quality of the item, the extremely fast shipping, and the overall customer service from this company. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Burkett - US
Pretty Darn Awesome (2021-05-20)
Well, I finally broke down and bought the jacket I had been looking at and glad I did. I had a couple of questions concerning fit and they were answered right away. If they recommend a certain size go with it. Shipping was pretty darn fast from half way around the world. When I got it, I tried it on and to my surprise it was a little big as it might be too big. So I decided to wash it, low and behold it then fit just like they said it would. It will make a great jacket for three seasons, along with a jacket liner to go with it. The color is fantastic and the pattern is pretty awesome as well. The only issue is the upper right pocket has a drainage hole that is useless. It is obvious that the upper pocket are identical for ease of manufacture but the right one looks out of place with the drainage hole on the upper end of pocket. That is the only issue and to me does not really matter but to some it will be a OCD issue.

mclelland - US
Good jacket (2021-04-25)
Fits well. Room for a sweater or liner for colder days.

Only issue is the pocket snaps. When I go into the pocket to retrievie items the rivet backing catches up inder my finger nail.

Otherwise good jacket.

Linebarger - US
Fast delivery (2021-04-19)
Never owned a Slangvel jump smock before. Really tough material, well built and robust. Very good zip. Very happy. Not sure if pockets should be a little bit bigger? Highly recommended

Jackson - AU
Pretty spot on, the size is off (2021-04-16)
This is a pretty spot on copy of the second pattern Slangvel. My only complaint is the the sizing is off. The pattern is amazing and close to accurate and it is almost 100% close to an original SADF pattern, but a large fits like a larger small or a small medium. They are supposed to be oversized to accompany a liner. I'd you wear a medium, definitely get an XL.

Adam - United States
para smock (2021-04-15)
Excellent good cut and fit good colour very fast post as normal bought two one each colour cheers wpg

Simpson - UK
SADF Slangvel Rhodesian Camo (2021-04-13)
Excellent service, superb quality.

Frantz - US
Awesome Slangvel (2021-04-12)
Got this about a week ago. I am very pleased. Quality cloth and workmanship. While I have not personally seen an original, from the pictures I have seen this is pretty much dead on. Excellent job!

Koehn - US
Brilliant (2021-04-09)
Firstly from across the 'pond' the service was damned quick. The jacket is brilliant, good quality and workmanship. I thought this pattern had been consigned to the history books, but not so. I'd recommend this to anyone , I love mine. In fact I;m thinking of getting a couple of pairs of the trousers next. The material is great too, Not too canvassy if you know what I mean and not flinsy either. Well done folks Love the jacket

Norman - United Kingdom
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